Friday Fives

Thank God It’s Friday! My mood is just in-sync with the weather today, not so sunshiny.

Friday, Fives, Friday Fives, TGIF

1. Oopsies!

Time is moving so fast and catching up. You know end of semester with everything labelled assignments and projects due. Let’s just say it’s something like

I have entered crunch time to meet my deadlines. You know how us last minutes guys can be, so pressure is what I am made of right now.  Looks like this doesn’t go well with so many other things. That sunshine would do me some justice (sunshine here being symbolic). But the real sun could do a little something too, the rain doesn’t make things any better unless when asleep. It makes you want to sleep more (do I want that now, no).

2. Weekly Crackers

When you see someone staring at you and not in the face, be sure to look down and check if your fly is zipped up and not down. Had a moment during the week, where this guy approaches me as I was waiting for the mister and says maybe I can wait inside the restaurant but I’m like, “no I’m okay waiting here”. Then he goes like,”I’ve tried to signal you, but your fly is open” O_O bummm! I look down at the damage, it was not that bad, meaning someone couldn’t quite see through, but embarrassing all the same. So I just zip up and continue tweeting.

Ps: Someone should do a meme on this scenario, too hilarious.

Deep inside I was having a “HAHA, YOU JUST GOT CAUGHT ZIP DOWN” moment. Thank God, I wasn’t rude to him or respond with a miss diva answer when he approached me. Some people just come across to you to help out, not necessarily hit on you.

3. Faves and Craves

Can’t wait to be done with school already, I just can’t wait. I crave the end of it, when I can do it voluntarily, not because I need to. This going to class everyday is such a bore. I wish I was reading for fun and not for exams, cats or proposals. Funny that I said this during my Undergraduate and am saying the same for my Post graduate, maybe I will still be saying the same when doing my PhD and feeling all frustrated because of the amount of work. The relief after finishing though is indescribable, you feel like a genius, especially if you ace it, at least I do, for a moment there…LOL

4. Stupendous Snippet

Simplicity beats complexity any day! If you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old then you probably don’t understand it yourself said someone. Maybe I should just carry this thought as I do my proposal. Because honestly, I am at that point you ask yourself, “what exactly am I doing, how exactly am I going to do it, crap! I’m so stuck, this shiii is difficult”. I am halfway done but gosh! I need to understand it and bring it out in the most simple way. I also don’t want to be grilled during my defense because I haven’t brought out my “problem” clearly.

Suffering! I bet you get the picture of how screwed I am right? *rhetorical*

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

strength, woman

Maybe some good music, clear mind and I will hack it, yah. Any one else going through something almost close to this, if not this. I could do with some consolation, you know how we humans do. Just kidding though. Don’t let these stuff get to you, it’s just education at the end of the day (if my dad read this after the pressure he gives me on our calls, he can smack me…lol), it shouldn’t make life so miserable.

To living, laughing and loving more each day.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*