Friday Fives

Some Thank God It’s Friday Loving! The beginning of the month couldn’t come on a better day than Friday. Maybe that’s a sign that March will be an easy breezy month. Plus we get off all week next week, work can’t get any cooler that huh! Hoping that after elections life resumes back to normal on Tuesday so that we can relax for the remaining days.

TGIF, Friday

1. Oopsies!

Yesterday was my baby sisters (Clara’s) birthday. And she turned the age that gives here lot’s of gateway *wait for it* 18. Are you one of those culprits who scream out “18 till I die” when Bryan Adams song comes on? Haha well, she should take advantage of this age, 18 only comes once and the rest of the time, we just pretend to live life out like an 18 year old. I can’t believe she’s grown up that fast, just the other day we were telling her what to wear, what not to. Now she’s shopping by herself, taking herself places and so on, we freak out sometimes most of the time but then let her be. I can assure you that we’re still in denial but absorbing it bit by bit.

Baby, Sister

Then, her results were coming out today. So you can imagine she spent her birthday all tensed up. I was even thinking at some point maybe I’d made her mad, or someone had. And then *bulb light* the results were to be announced today. Poor girl! They’re now out and she totally Aced it, way better than I did during my young’in days. So I see I set the pace well and she’s definitely the upgraded version of me, you can almost imagine my JOY. I love that girl. Oh and my parents are more than proud. CONGRATULATIONS!

2. Weekly Crackers

What’s cracking you up this week? February was an awesome month and short for that matter. On a normal month today would be 29th with 1/2 more days to go. Then again, we’re not complaining.

Check out this song – Kamua Leo Remix – Kidis ft Amileena, Wyre and DNA. That’s my Friday Jam, very much on replay … LEGOOOO!

3. Faves and Craves

Shoes…shoes…shoesazy *shoe crazy* I want some nice pair(s) of stiletto pumps. I decided, well not really I, but with some external intervention by him, to give out most of the shoes on my rack. Why? Because I don’t wear more than half of those pairs. Why? Because I just don’t feel some of them, others are worn out, others I’ve outgrown their sense of style. So am stocking up litto by litto. Just in case you feel philanthropic, am a size six (6) or thirty nine (39) and I can’t walk with 6″ heels, so either 3″ heels or kitten heels *cheeky grin*.

Wouldn't mind me one of these beauties.
Wouldn’t mind me one or all of these beauties.

On that note, a big S/O to all philanthropists (I try to be once in a while) out there. It’s not easy to give up your own stuff to others and have them look pretty in them…lol but that’s the beauty of it. Knowing that you made someone else happy even if for a moment.

4. Stupendous Snippet

Of late it’s been almost all political, and boy is it real. Politics is real, a lot comes off from it. We have watched the debates, and the more I watch the more I get confused about who’s the ideal person to lead the country (of course execpt Dida) because they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s sad how how politics is dividing, not just in Kenya but everywhere. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who you think is the best leader based on your own reasons, which we all have. However, I don’t think that should be so personal to the extent you hate someone or ruin the life of another.


In all honesty, they say the the power of the vote is in me as a voter, but I think it’s in the people of the country as a whole. It’s not much about my choice, but about who comes off as president at the end of the day. So putting aside all our opinions and our political stands, let’s vote wisely and peacefully. Then pray that once that’s done, we’ll all accept the outcome and start making better our Country. Ain’t it? There’s life beyond politics, that’s what we shouldn’t forget.

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

Don’t be belittled by things you don’t have, if you really want something, you will get it, not necessarily now, but you will eventually! That’s because you will work towards getting it. So don’t lose hope, it’s somewhere around the corner.

Sometimes life operates like a road with traffic lights. It’s not every-time you’re on the go, sometimes you’ve got to wait and other times you need to stop and give others way or even help them get to where they’re going. “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”~ Zig Ziglar

To more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*