Friday Fives

Thank God It’s Friday! A little tweaking here and there makes the blog worth visiting no? Hey my Friday people’s *waves*. Just figured I could be having blog friends that come to check our what I have on Friday’s, so it’s only nice if I said hey!

1. Oopsies!

One of those days I was completely overcome by a bout of sleep. You know the one that forcefully befalls you right after you are done with a heavy meal.

Sleepy Head

Others call it “itis” and for sure, it is! Then of course as long as you’re not on your bed, you’re not safe. A colleague took a pic of me and posted it on my mail. That would suffice for blackmail, especially the part they say I was drooling O_O. We harbor Paparazzi’s here.

2. Weekly Crackers

I randomly took him for dinner. He was happy and that’s a yaaaay on my part. Let the good times roll.

My dad, Clara (baby sister) and I pulled a suprise for my mum. Got for her a “gift” or rather a replacement of a treasured item she had broken. Ever heard of a bio disc? Check the link. She even did the purchases because she’s a member and she was still clueless that it’s hers. Super star surpriser (dial +254 72x xxxxxx for bookings). Let’s just say my dad scored like +100,000 points for this since he’s not the kind to pull surprises or buy gifts. However for dads out there like them, this is one of the many kids roles and responsibilities. To be accomplices in such undercover plans.

3. Faves and Craves

Thinking dresses and a nice pair of heels to complete the look. Too full to think anything food. I’m that girl who has never worn a dress to the office, I know, judge me now. I’m also judging myself as I write. Never really thought into it before. Yikes! That’s so not lady like.

My colleague was saying if she had a small body like mine, she will be on those dresses like crazy. Here I’m thinking, “who’s going to shop for them.” Jeez! Maybe I’m really wasting myself. I should start budgeting and looking for time and people to take me to buy them. I think they’d look stunning on me.

4. Stupendous Snippet

How important first steps can be. Just the process of lifting up the foot forward and stepping down and doing that over and over again, literally. For a baby isn’t that one of the most important things in child development, I suppose. The excitement in the parents faces in their child taken their first step or the disappointment when the kid takes forever to start walking says it all. Plus, there must be some comfort in crawling. I guess I can say that because I was once a baby, but let me not kid you, I can’t remember.

The same way we look at kids with so much hope and excitement in their first step is the the same way other people look up to us in making our first step. It could be our parents, partners, lecturers, friends, employers and so on. So in as much as the crawling is comfortable (where we don’t make effort, we’re just there), it’s about time we took the first step in. Yeah, in that which crossed your mind or that which you thought of while reading this.

Don’t worry about resources, the strength, the amount of work that’s in it for you or the distance that you have to cover. You’ll deal with that along the way. Most of what matters is taking that first step.

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

With the weekend coming on, a holiday that was to be is getting wasted *frowns*. 20th October 2012 falls on Saturday and it’s getting eaten up by the weekend monster, just like that. That being besides the point, as usual definitely have a kick ass weekend even if you spend it sleeping and reading like me. To living, laughing and loving more.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*