Friday Musings

Thank God It’s Friday! That’s another week gone just like that…oi! I’m on recess *woop woop* but it’s a fake one because in as much as it’s a break, right after ‘enjoying it’ I have a CAT on Monday. I feel played, but it’s Friday and I love Fridays.

Random Thoughts

A friend or two who you can relate with and talk to is more than awesome. Then the rest can just be people who you share a laugh with or chit-chat about many other (ir)relevant things.

I’m Feeling

Like I’ve got jokes … hehe

This Weekend

A bit clueless, but I have a date with Mr. Books at some point. Not really looking forward to that one in particular, he always makes me get all serious and worked up. Especially when he asks questions that are complicated and difficult to answer then I have to ask his friends and what not…not cool!

I’m Craving

Got my alternative favorites and I didn’t even eat them, was too sleepy and full to do so. So today *rubs hands* and maybe I should pull a “no begging” on my colleagues.

Songs of the Week

Considering that I’ve been replaying it. The vid makes me feel like going sky diving…haha but maybe I should start easy like bungee jumping. Errrm … No thank you!

I Want and Pray

Always thankful. Just prayed for what I want, I hope it was from my lips to God’s ears.

Do you ever wonder how God listens to everyone’s prayers? I think after watching Bruce Almighty it kinda messed up my thoughts of this whole process…lol

Quote Of The Week

Ha ha maybe this does explain it, if you wondered why you feel some of the things you feel.

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*