Friday *Musings*

Thank God It’s Friday, though I feel like I’ve had two Fridays this week. That’s Tuesday and Today. You’ve gotta love Kenya … when there’s a holiday like “Mashujaa Day” , though I have issues why they had to scrape off our traditional culture of  Moi Day and Kenyatta Day… for fairness sake they should have added Kibaki Day 🙂 on say Oct 25th, then a Mashujaa Day on 29th that’s me wishing.

I’m thinking I would love to get such a painting for my room or house …lol #ambition minus the TGIF that is. I love how they’ve mixed all my  favorite colours in one setting and it looks amazingly hot. Now only to put that in clothing. Am sure one day I’ll get a dress with them colours mixed up…and NO not in “tie and die”.

In case, you didn’t get it, my favorite colors are : Purple, Green,. Yellow, Red, Brown ~ in that descending order..maybe respectively would be more like it..hehe

Today, oh well!

That was me right there in the morning! Only difference is that the picture is from Google Images, she’s blonde and my room is tad bit more organized #ithink . In case you are wondering i’m not leaving anything to imagination, I finally got clothes to wear…(after going through the long procedure of , select – wear – doesn’t look/feel good  – Remove – try on something else – ask mom how it looks – nice/funny – remove – then I finally settled on something). And that’s not because that’s what I really wanted to wear. It’s because I was running late and uuuum “I love my job”.

The traffic on our roads, is disheartening *is there a word like that?*, Wake up early, leave the house early … but it totally makes no difference. It’s like the universe trying to show you “Who Runs This Town” *Mocking Bird Style*. I even stopped looking at city clocks, cell clock … my wrist watch … I discovered they are the source of all my stress and frustration in the morning.

I’m feeling, Indescribable – that’s a feeling in my apparent dictionary! At least I’m not complaining. Though I’m lazy to do the whole TGIF process, getting the pics and all. Plus today I don’t know what I want, basically I’m jumbling everything up. Doing one thing, leaving it, moving to the next, leaving it…so basically I have a couple of things half-way done today and a better part of the week.

*YIKES* I searched my three names on Google … and there’s me everywhere *Don’t do what you are just about to do…lol, am sure you’re probably on Google Search right now..humans!*. I shall not ask how that’s even possible…because clearly it’s all there #mybad. Now I’m on “How I’m I removing my name from all those places?”. Putting up stringent measures *read restrictions* where necessary. But then again, that’s probably impossible, maybe I should just embrace it. *Confused* That’s just me. Why care anyway, it’s never that serious or so I think, I sooo care.

Yesternight I landed on a series called “Lipstick Jungle”, where was it all this time? Just what I needed to watch. It’s actually a nice series for anyone who likes chic flicks!

Okay before I bore you, with my so called musings…lol, let me Sign Off .

but not that fast…” QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND

I’ma do exactly that *wink* . SUPER LOVELY WEEKEND MATES!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*