Friday Quickie

I had a “I doubt it’s Friday” moment while heading to work today morning. You know where you question your conscience, like “what if today is not Friday O_O, I’m in jeans and I am already excited it’s T.G.I.F. Snap, it could be Thursday and I got the days wrong”. It was serious to an extent I postponed updating my status in one of the  sites saying “Thank God tomorrow is Saturday” lest it’s not. I know, you’re probably thinking am going to the other side, the nutsy side that is. But really, has that ever happened to you?

TGIF, Friday

I think it’s because I was feeling happy despite the muddy terrain on my way to work which on a normal day would get me all cursy and mad at the weather man. I mean can’t he just wait for the road construction next to my house to complete, then make it rain. If you have passed by Yaya Center, you definitely know the road am talking about. It’s been dug out and the soil there is clay soil, they have been on it for a while. So when it rains, it gets all sticky and almost impassable, it’s my short cut and seeing as am not willing to wake up a few minutes earlier to use the long way…I have to live with it.

Otherwise, what’s good, what’s not?

  • My baby sister (feels awkward calling her the baby, but she’ll always be. She’s taller, bigger, a bully and very demanding, but I love her all the same…lol). She’s finished her O’ Levels. Congratulation young girl. Now we can hang out much much more. Ps: But it’ll be awkward if you introduce me to your boyfriend if you have one at the moment, not sure I can handle that thought yet.
  • Boyfriend came back from the short travel. Somebody say goodies. I got yummy goodies, maybe the source of all the Friday excitement. I can assure you today it’s on a different level.
  • Work is fine. I was assigned a work mentor. I know right. I think I actually needed someone to share to my developments other than my folks and the bf. Maybe to guide me, we young ones can get lost in translation or in trying to understand what’s going on around us or within us, especially at work and other things related or unrelated. Let’s see how this one goes, since am not the sharing type. She could be the break through.
  • School, exams are coming up, bleurgh! But thesis proposal defense was postponed to January 2013 *whoop whoop*. Okay, that’s not a good thing because that means my December will be kind of screwed up. Imagine me reading instead of watching flicks with others or not lazing around, that’s our Christmas culture. That gives me the motivation to work on it now more than ever.
  • Parents, are super-duper. I always ask God to bless them with their heart desires. I have never seen people so selfless like my parents, they definitely deserve all that and more.
  • Friends, I try to keep up. I try to check up on you as much as I can knowingly or unknowingly (thank God for platforms like twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn and whatsapp). I know am not the best there is, but I believe I’m sufficient no? But so that you know, I’m the kind that you catch up where we left off. So if you haven’t checked up on me, yes you can.
  • Of days, the year is coming to an end. Can you believe it’s like 5 weeks to NEW YEAR? LOL, looking back at my beginning of the years’ post and it just feels like yesterday but with some changes midway.
  • Readers, how you find this one here interesting is beyond amazing. You’re presence keeps me and my humble *blog* abode going. I hope to always share things that’ll impact your life positively or just make you feel like your reading what you needed read. (Ever had a moment where someone talks to you and tells you something that you needed to hear but no one was saying it? Yes?, then you get me here).

Since we’re also in the Thanks Giving spirit. If you’re alive, healthy, have at least one reason to smile (notice I didn’t ask you for 100, just 1), a place to call home at the end of the day, family and/or friends (it could be even 1, you’d be surprised that the people who are actually your real friends are just a handful), something you’re passionate about, access to good music. Then dude, you have every reason to say thank you to God and your people for making all these things possible for you.

Inspiration for the day,

Today, Friday, TGIF, Thanksgiving, Positive

Have a super-duper weekend and in the Thanks Giving spirit, staff a kuku (chicken), Turkey is not so Kenyan, eat, drink and make merry. Basically live, laugh and love more, because I know you already do.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*