Friday Randomness

I won’t quite do the Friday Fives. I’m way too lazy for that and time is not also on my side for now. How’s your Friday going so far? Mine, well oh well, am glad the week is over. This weekend is just as normal as any other, with excitement building up for next week, someone say “LONG HOLIDAY”. Easter just rocks in every way and considering that it’s a long weekend, lots of activities await.

Oh yeah, today I went for a medical check up that’s compulsory for all employees. Hospitals and doctors (except my mum) give me the creeps especially if there’s any form of injections and/or insertions (women you feel me on here). But technology has made the injections less painful or is it just me, esp the prick for blood sugar and the one for getting some blood from your arm. I was freaked out, then after I was done am like, “I could even go for another round” yeah right. I am a wuss when it comes to that, that I can’t even deny. I thank God for good health. The pricks, checks and removing and wearing of clothes was totally awkward. I would not have a male physician or doctor for anything that involves complete clothes removal. Eeeh that awkwardness was real. Plus you know how the mister could go bonkers if there was ever such possibility. His reaction would overrule the awkwardness…lol.

Otherwise, being the Kenyan I am with no better way of beginning a sentence hehe. I would like to wish you an amazing weekend full of awesome possibilities. This was supposed to be a sort of ‘peek, wave and leave’ kind of post. Ever met those guys who in a presentation go like “I don’t have much to say but…”, “in conclusion…”, “last but not least…” or “I won’t take much of your time” then they go on and on into their presentation. Then you’re thinking, “dude, but you just said…” annoying huh! This is me doing it on a blog and I don’t want to be that kind of person ha! Hasta la vista mates, next week is yet another week.


Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*