Friday Selfies

Thank God It’s Friday and it’s International Women’s Day. Ata girl! It’s also the day the final results of elections are being released in Kenya *crossing fingers*. Would like to go back to the office next week knowing who’s going to be running our government for the next 5 years. Maybe they could cut down the taxes. Every time I look at my pay-slip and think the amount of tax I pay and what the rest of the country-people pay cumulated should make our country more comfortable than our homes man. It’s crazy, what do you think? I mean, things like transport should never stress us. It should be a swish. I hope the next government makes a difference in our lives. Mediocre is not an option no more.

Women! Women! Women! What would men do without the ‘wo’ in their lives? We are the different breed, the ones who are a bit difficult to figure. Yet we always want them to “go figure” us out, then surprise us with niceties. Considering they don’t have the advantage of books that tell them how to figure us women out. We have a million and one books telling us the same thing about men. They’re all different but there are those things that cut across all of them. Those things that we have to understand, then work around to make sure our men are happy.

The ‘wo’ is versatile, not accustomed to one thing. This time it’s like this next time it’s like that. It’s even difficult to understand ourselves sometimes, truth be told. There’s so much going on in our lives. If it’s not the drama (we not so surprisingly have drama whether we like it or not) that we get ourselves into, it’s the zit on the forehead or the bad hair day or hormones gone haywire, or we’re not feeling so beautiful or appealing, or the clothes despite looking stunning on the outside don’t make you feel outstanding in the insides. Such like things.

You see the number of things that happen in these small, medium and plus-size bodies you see strutting in the streets or in your homes. That’s a lot, but that’s part of who we are. We handle a lot. That’s what makes us interesting. If we went M.I.A life wouldn’t be as interesting I suppose. It’s all in our caring, motherly and loving nature that is I believe in every woman. It could be your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, and stranger.

In that case, be sure to tell the women in your life how beautiful they look, how loving they are and how blessed you are for having them in your life. That only, will make her reach the clouds and probably not get back…lol. You’ll have made a woman happy for a second there and if you’re lucky enough, a minute *just kidding*. We’re easy to please, ish!


Happy International Women’s Day to all my woman friends and relatives. To my mother, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, you more than rock. Friday selfies just for kicks. You know you’ve got to look for the fun in your face, if you can’t get it in your surroundings. That’s my excuse and I stick to it *wink*. You know women and the camera flash light, yeah, me too ha ha!

International Women's Day
Selfies: Take 1 *naaah* cut. cut. cut

Honestly, I was just sited on the couch watching TV and reading then the camera called me, “Kawi, how about a pic or a couple?” and then this happened. Otherwise, I hope your Friday is going on well? Here,  *sigh* the political atmosphere got me staying indoors and the way I wanted to go for a couple of rounds. Couch potato’ing can be quite the pass time. I think from today it’s life back to normal, this wait has been long overdue. Whatever comes off it, becomes!



Keep safe and as is protocol … live, love and laugh a little more than the usual this weekend and the coming week. God bless y’all mates!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*