Friday Snippets

Random Thought: There are two people, one is praying for the weather to be rainy or at least cold (my work mate). Another one is praying for it to be sunny or let’s even say warm (me). They both pray earnestly, with their different intentions as to why they want the weather to favour their situation. Two people are praying for the same job opportunity (knowingly or unknowingly), both have their reasons as to why they want that job, they put it forth and earnestly pray for the position because they are qualified for it. But in both cases, a choice has to be made and only one thing or one person can benefit at a time. It can either be rainy or sunny, and there’s only one position available. Who deserves it?

Thank God It's Friday
 Thank God It’s Friday  – Source

I’m imagining this is how God has a difficult time up there, trying to answer all our requests. But, I’m sure he’s got us all, one way or another. Maybe that’s why you’re told be to patient, even when there’s a storm and that’s not what you’d prayed for (someone else could be asking for it), the sun will eventually shine just for you.


Scandal Ssn3, I can’t explain this one because I believe it’s in your collection. Maybe we can discuss it. What’s with Olivia Pope and her undying weakness for Fitz, it’s really annoying how she’s crumples up when she’s talking to him. Does that say something about us women?

Suits Ssn5, still watching this one, I love legal stuff and the twists that come with it.

New Girl Ssn3, she’s not new any more, but it was a about a girl who landed herself some dude house mates. And they all have to accommodate each others weird habits. Oh and they’re weird.

2 Guns, about two detectives who are unaware of each others JD’s. One is C.I.A, the other is in military and they’re trying to set each other up but in the end … both walk away in slow motion with after a shoot out and blowing a car-full of $$$, and of course keep more to themselves *yawn* but it had some laughable parts.

… and lots of other boring movies; Summer in February, It’s not You, It’s Me, among others. I can barely recall the names. Nowadays it’s hard to find a good movie, it’s like searching for a needle in a hay stack, stress.


New hair do. It makes me feel liberated of sorts, like some of the things I felt I couldn’t do, now I do. Like wearing dangling earrings, my beaded necklaces, basically I can embrace all the weirdness I have in my drawers. Kind of feels like a re-brand, I tell you.


Ah, John Legend’s – All of Me and Passenger – Let Her Go. Love is a beautiful thing people. If it’s genuine, it’s definitely beautiful. If it’s not, you’re probably in the wrong kind. Move along and find the beautiful kind. Did you see how many times I used ‘beautiful’ there, that’s the effect of its beauty…lol.


Blog-trotting! The book I wanted to read (Americanah – Chimamanda Ngonzi Adichie) is currently out of stock in my book store and truth be told, I don’t feel like reading anything else *pulls a bitch fit*. So I’ve settled to blogs (educational and non-educational) for now, that’s my daily dose. There’s so much to learn, from how people think, write, express themselves, create, share and so on.


Healthy eating. Then that one meal you make at the beginning of the week, that you end up eating every other day of the week, because laziness is not a good thing. You just get home and all you want to do is abuse the couch and remote.



More random travelesque weekends. Had more than amazing time last weekend, when le boyfriend and our couple friends were meant to meet for lunch but that quickly changed to an out-of-town shindig. The excitement was in excess. That’s so unlike me, because I worry about logistics, but damn! I would do that over and over again, to any place. It’s about the company and the destination, the rest, is just logistics.


And praying that my toiling life gets a little more interesting than it currently is. I feel a little suffocated, if you know what I mean. Happens to the best of us at some point.


A holiday! House Appliances! Shoes! Clothes! Basically, things! Is there any time money becomes enough? You know enough to fund your wants and desires. These wants are just endless, because say, I get a shoe now, I want another tomorrow, that’s pushing it, the next minute. Damn, this life!


People for accepting me as I am, long hair, short hair. It’s my heart you know, not the hair. LOL, India Arie knew what she was singing about *I am not my hair*. But thank God, it didn’t backfire on me. Now let’s rock it! If you were thinking of doing it too, go ahead and do it! But please keep your spouse in the loop, don’t take their opinion for granted. Not all fancy surprises, especially hair surprises.


Today’s Rupu’s premier of “Thor: The Dark World” happening at the Junction. You can find your way there in case you were thinking of an evening plan. They’re painting the town Green this November, they intend to make sure you’re not plan-less, so check the site for some good deals.




Besides that, to more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*