Friday Snippets

Thank God It’s Friday!
Thank God It’s Friday!

I am not into flowers, but this one did brighten my day. I think it’s how the colors have been absorbed into the silkiness of the rose petals. I can’t even believe I am actually saying that. This is me who’s very anti-flowers. This one made me melt, just a bit.


Glee Ssn 4, I think I’m just in love with musicals. It keeps me awed the whole time. The Following, my friend recommended it and she was so enthusiastic on how nice it is. I would recommend it to you with the same enthusiasm for sure.


My work. It’s not every day that your leader realises what you love doing and they try in every way to give you a push towards it. I am grateful.


Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static. I have just been given this album by a colleague and I can’t get over the Angel song.


Paulo Coelho – Aleph. Decided to start with what I have and haven’t read. You know the saying, ‘it’s right under your nose.’ The book was just accumulating dust on my shelf. Now blowing it off to see what it has to offer.


Pork. I LOVE how the boyfriend cooks it (yes, he can cook, not bragging but yummers). It’s the far taste of the salt and spices and the near taste of honey. Let’s just say I lick my lips, fingers and almost my plate, this is to maintain your decent thoughts of me. It’s one of those meals I never want to finish.


Road trip to Meru tomorrow with the parents. Now that my baby sister pulled out of the plan. We’re going to the farm, can’t wait to see how hard they’ve worked on making it a home away from home for us. The things parents do for their children.


Still, I got my mind on a ‘get-a-way’ trip and a ‘get-a-way’ trip on my mind.


Handing in the final corrected copy of my thesis. Crossing my fingers that the process goes through quick, so that I can bind them, then I am all set for graduation *woop woop*. This is awesome, can’t wait to be done and say adiós to masters. It looked like such a difficult milestone to achieve, but it isn’t after all. With God everything is possible, I mean this is those tiny peanuts to him. Even though it looks like a mountain to us…lol


My colleagues. We had this event called Infinite Possibilities that we were organising and in my books it was such a successful premier event. It will be happening every first Thursday of the month (next one being on 4th July 2013 at Westgate Theatre and it’s free). Follow us on Facebook: and Twitter: (or @ip_event). Tell a friend, tag a friend along, recommend a friend, who you think their real African Story would inspire us or would be inspired by this event. Let’s make this a big deal like it is.

To more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*