Friday Snippets

moonlight, sunshine
Thank God It’s Friday

This week, I’m either stalking the moon or vice versa. I don’t mind seeing the moon (be it gibbous, quarter, crescent or full) everyday though as I do that short walk to the house, it makes me thoughtful. It looks so pretty up until it’s covered by the clouds. This happens so suddenly, you see me now, now you don’t “peek-a-boo”. I love the light moon illuminates though, especially the full moon. You know when you wake in the middle of the night and you think you’d left your lights on only to figure it’s the moonlight. Beautiful huh? Made me think of that song “Ain’t no sunshine”, the moonlight can be that moment, you know that moment when you feel like there ain’t no sunshine, then all over sudden there’s some ray of light hope, almost signifying sunshine that comes along.


I got a couple of movies from my distributor guy the other day. We haven’t gotten ourselves time to watch them yet, it’s been one week with short evenings. By the time I am thinking of a movie/series I have already blacked out. In the pack was House of Cards, Absolute Deception, Telling Joy among others. Will give a short description whether it’s worth watching once done.

Oh, watched Crazy Kind of Love. It’s about a broken family, where one of the sons (or both…lol) fall in love with a care free girl who’s also from a broken home but she helps them into regaining their mojo. It was almost boring but soldiered on to the credits.


My blog readers. Especially when I find out you read my blog and have a thing or two to say, the joy in my heart is indescribable. Considering this is one thing I do out of the love of doing it, it’s to say the least very humbling. A big shout out to one Mr.Kabue James on his theme for #LovingLife and #CelebratingPeople


Some Afro House Music Mix from MixCloud, energy galore! Makes me want to put my hands in the air, bump my head and sway!


Random blog posts which I land on. It’s amazing how different bloggers’ have different writing styles. It’s this diversity that makes it all the more interesting. It’s like you’re delving into someone’s mind for a moment and you can feel what they’re feeling.


Craving what I had for break fast last weekend. I’m not into pastries but the egg & cheese croissant, yummers! With some cold shake or juice to go with.



Getting done and dusted with Grad school and graduating. I am done with it in terms of course work and defence of the thesis. Funny enough the difficulty is not in those, it’s in the back and forth with the lecturers doing corrections for the final thesis document binding and the University protocols that just want make you to finally get over and done with it.


A bed for my other bedroom. Currently, if I am to accommodate a friend, the couch or the carper will be your friend for the night and we don’t want that now, do we. Comfort at its best.


When I used to hear planning and I think wow planning is such a big word. Like you have to plan for big stuff, that it should be in the form of a budget, with a list of tasks/things to be done written down. Fortunately, I started thinking of it as a way of life. I am planning to just have a chilled out weekend. Eat, sleep, watch TV, hang out.


I have just been invited to guest write *woop*. Then the excitement dies out when I don’t know what to write about. It has to be something around love, dating and relationships. So what would you want me to write about? It’s easier being told what you want to hear, then I write about it. It’ll be more candid than me thinking of what I should write.

To more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*