Friday Snippets

Thank God It’s Friday

It’s been an amazing week. The results finally got out and I’m on that graduation list *woop woop* couldn’t have been more excited! So by next week Saturday I will officially have a Master of Business Administration Degree in Strategic Management!


Absolute Deception, just like the name says, it was an absolute deception. A widow decides to investigate the dead husbands business deals with the help of some detectives. While at at it they start being followed by the enemies and it’s just intriguing. You’ve got to watch it. The Call, this one stressed me…whaaat! It’s about the call centre for 911, and how they receive distress call but this one was for a serial killer…let’s just say it keeps you glued and get’s you really pissed but it ends, well,  in an interesting way.


God! For the strength and wisdom to finish my Masters even before the due time. Did it in 1 and a half years instead of 2. I also don’t know how I did it that fast, of course there’s the working hard bit, but I did. I believe I did my part and God definitely did his too.


Dj Protoge and Joe Mfalme’s radio mixes and they’re just it! Got them here.


My mind is not yet settled on reading again…lol So any interesting, inspiring or relevant read that’s not too long for my liking that comes my way. These are mainly in the form of blog posts.


Ugali and pork. This meal was prepared by the boyfriend, it was delicious to tears. No lies. I wasn’t a big fan of pork, but now … top of the list.

Food - Pork


The weekend and my graduation day next weekend.


The sunny days! These cold days, I just want to stay indoors, cuddle, keep warm, watch a movie. It’s like my brain stops and all I can think of ways are to keep warm and when the sun will ever come out for me to play.


Work. I need some structure and I am building it, one step at a time.


About life. How we plan and how it turns out. Sometimes it works according to our plan, then some other times it just sets us off a little or in a big way  to show us that in as much as we have control of our life, God is the one in control. We do forget, I do forget. It’s not all just in our hands alone, there’s definitely a higher power. You know kinda like the puppet and the puppeteer. For me, it’s God. I love that I believe in his existence even if I have never seen him.

To more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*