Friday’s Here

Thank God It’s Friday! How we get excited about 3 day weekends, but after that, the suffering we experience to adapt to the coming weekdays. That’s how the week has been and now we’re on the weekend zone again…and no, am totally not complaining. If anything am all happy chaos and giddy smiles.

Random Thoughts

You can be so happy at one point and so sad at another. That you tend to forget how happy feels when you are sad, or how sad feels when you are happy. It’s just amazing how emotions are easily triggered by the slightest form of action. Even when you try to guard yourself from them, it’s almost always impossible that you just find yourself imbalanced. Controlling them is more than gift otherwise they can get you rocketing off every other time.

I’m Feeling

Comme ci, Comme ça. Hope the day brightens up as it comes along.

This Weekend

A lot of bumming and a lil bit of shopping.

I’m Craving

Some haribo’s could brighten me up *just saying*

This is sugar and everything yummy 🙂

Songs of the Week

Jason Mraz always gets me with his music. How I hadn’t heard of this one. So who has his album and feels like sharing his album with me? * piracy…lol* and Jeez! He’s totally changed his look huh!

I Want and Pray

For more understanding and loads of wisdom in life and it’s happenings. Things happen and you are left, “O_O what just happened?” or “How did I just get here?”or “*insert other surprise questions?*”. While if you were more understanding of yourself and of others and y’all had a little more wisdom, you wouldn’t be there or those questions would have solutions.

Quote Of The Week

Yeah, you’re all this and more people. So don’t think of yourself any less.

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*.