Getting Educated…The Kenyan System (read “Way”,”8.4.4″)

So yesterday I meet with this friend of mine and as we are catching up, we start talking about school.. it came about because I am having exams next week.

And we started talking about our education system in Kenya. 8.4.4 is a good thing but not the best. That was my conclusion. In our System the Teacher/Lecturer is the King. You know the sort where they have dictatorial powers. They say do this and you do. That’s what 8.4.4 is generally about. The student doesn’t have a say in anything, you take in what you’re taught, there is no room for you to share your thoughts so that in case they are wrong you are corrected. It’s in most cases made up of cramming other peoples theories…exactly. As much as you would want to reason out and try relate those theories with what is happening now (hehe Dream On it). You are dictated for notes that the lecturer compiled ages ago. (That sucks).

Some quote I read “The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men” ~ Billie Beattie (Ohhh How I wish all people thought like this)

After all this years of learning…. which I am still continuing, the system makes me hate school, exams, and lecturers. They make life that would have been so easy sooooooo hard. I don’t have a solution to what kind of system they should have. So far they have brought out good products (read people) in the market, in terms of Engineers, Scientists bleh bleh bleh.

My complaint is that, everything taught in 8.4.4 is too general… shiiish! Even if you identify your interest in the first 8 of the 8.4.4 be sure you shall not be able to improve on it in your school life…Be sure! You would have to do private practice…

By the time I was finishing my form 4, I dint know what I wanted to do…I was confused between Medicine, BioChemistry…. oh, now am doing nothing close to that, I am in the IT field. Then it’s in campus I figured, wow, I am actually interested in technology #WhoKnew at least I know I didn’t. Then in campus I was a “Jack of all Trades” — I would do programming, Networking, Project Management, Hardware, System Analysis …. Alarrrr! I didn’t know which part of the IT sector I should venture in, none of my lecturers ever gave me the chance to choose what I want, Not even the System allowed it… I was taught everything (Very Frustrated Girl…lol).

Then I get to the real world (i.e the working world). And it hits me real hard, that you cannot do everything. You have to be good in something. Not unless you have your own company and you haven’t employed any people… I have learnt that there’s so much division of labor and you have to be specialized in a certain area. There’s team work, that’s why the different people who have different skills would work together to meet a certain goal. Yes, I learnt that in school… but in the Kenyan System, you aren’t taught to be a specialist/skilled in a particular area…you are taught how to work individually… in that in school you you’re ideally taught how to do things by yourself (read no teamwork)… you become a jack of all trades, an I can do it all by myself kind of person…that’s why you would find some of your workmates stingy with information (oops, blame it on 8.4.4).

Well, I do particularly admire the American system for sure (I would like my unborn children to do it)… their A’ Levels and Universities… I like the fact that there, the Student is the King, they have a say (I mean they are the ones paying the fees anyway) … they allow the students to air out their views, to do subjects that are of their preference. It encourages one from their tender age to be aware of their main area of interests and start working on it/them if it’s a variety #Immediately (ok, meant early enough), if its music and drama you do subjects on musicals, drama and literature all the way from when you’re young (by young I mean primary school)…If your a science geek you do more subjects on science stuff…that doesnt mean you don’t do the others like grammar, what am saying is that they ensure that you’re major subjects are in with you’re interests and abilities.

Anyhow, the far I am now is partly because of 8.4.4 as much as am criticizing … it’s only very normal to do so. I wish they could partly emulate the American System …. Just a bit. Then we would have more talented kids and grown ups among us. #AmJustSaying.

Ps: This quote always gets me confused “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education” ~ Mark Twain

Signing off — *Kawi*