Hand Me Down.

“I love this jeans, they don’t really fit me now but I’m sure I’ll grow into them” … I just wonder how many of us have such conversations in our minds? The attachment we have with our stuff is unbelievable. Then it got me wondering whether it’s emotional or not. That’s because I was definitely sure it’s not emotional, only that the process of acquiring them was a bit involving and within it was some emotional distress, that’s why letting go becomes an issue. Makes a perfect excuse huh!

Like you just want to go home one day, raid your closet and put aside all the clothes, shoes or gadgets you haven’t worn or used for a while and give them out to friends or for charity. Every time I have the energy and zeal to do so, I find myself giving an excuse for each piece of garment. That’s the day I actually figure out that it would be perfect for this occasion or that it would totally match another garment or that I will use it next week …who am I kidding? Then I end up with no pile of clothes to give out.

At that point in time you feel like it’s stuff that you can’t live without, but once that moment is gone. They continue featuring in the ‘unused section’ of your wardrobe, shelves. They gather dust and the same process goes on again when given an opportunity to get rid of them or better yet practice the art of sharing. I would really love to able to just go pick something and give it out without thinking about it deeply.

The number of times I’ve managed to reach the point of actually giving out clothes, shoes, gadgets feels so good. I just close my eyes and pack them up then think of the good I’ve done and how happy the person receiving would be. This is once in a “many years” occurrence. So I’m just wondering how I can make it a bit more often like half-yearly or so?

I used to have a cousin, still do though she’s not around (wish she still was, then maybe I would get tips). She would clear her drawers every 6 months and just distribute her pretty clothes to us cousins, it was like a sale. I loved going to her house for sleep overs, because she made sure we look pretty and our little bags are stacked when we are going back home. I’ve always wanted to do that, but ‘lo and behold’ how do I even start restocking … is that the mentality of someone who’s stingy? Oi!

Anyway, I plan to do it because considering how impulse my shopping is, restocking shouldn’t be an issue. Little by little, then maybe I can own clothes that I actually wear and look stunning. Not let them gather dust and indirectly beg me to hand them down to others who would probably look really good in them or utilize them much better. Lets see how that goes. In case you are good at it, maybe you can tell us how you go on about it?

Catch phrase of the day “Sharing Is Caring!” Hope you’re on top of your Monday and not vice versa … lol Have a good one.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*