Hard To Get … Becomes Easy Eventually!

This is pretty awkward but have you ever gone to a place to buy something, lets say a clothes shop and you spot something that you really really really like. Then, as you look at the cloth and measure it up, you finally ask for the price and the person selling it to you tells you some exorbitant price and you try your best to bargain to a price that you think suits the item and just to test the vendor you even go lower than half the price and he vehemently refuses but as you walk out, he calls you back and tells you “Leta pesa” i.e “Bring the money”.

What exactly runs through your head? Do you go like *woohoo* that’s a super cool bargain and you give the money and take the item or do you now hesitate now that the chase is over and it came to easy?

When that happens, I do the latter; I totally hesitate and start doubting the whole arrangement. I even scrutinize that item that had caught my eyes attention, I start looking for any malfunctions e.g quality, tears, discoloration something that would just make me understand why the hell the vendor has reduced the price all over sudden.

Is that what happens in life when some things that at first looked or seemed so difficult to get at some point becomes easy to get. Like once you get something you’d been wanting so bad without much struggle, you then start doubting its quality, worth and so on. That’s just an awkward observation.

Humans are just weird, hard to decipher.

You think you’ve struck a deal by handing to them what they’ve been yearning for, but deep inside this are the questions going through their minds, “why did I get this? why has it come so easy all over sudden? do I even really deserve it anyway? is there something wrong with it?” talk of being ungrateful…lol, but that’s just us.

I think once someone takes a certain road they should probably stick to it. Once a hard to get becomes an easy one, it’s a bit, OK, maybe very questionable!

Just like if you’re selling lets say the clothes expensively, stick to that price unless they’ve been put on discount or on sale … If you reduce the price all over sudden, it just makes you “the vendor” look dodgy, but then no one will buy because almost everyone wants something slightly if not much cheaper…hehe. So in short,

Hard to get, becomes easy eventually! … Just be patient, play along and don’t be shocked or doubtful when the ”easy” part comes…that was the essence of the hard, for you to enjoy the easy! ~ Kawi


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*