Hold It Down

Disclaimer: This will be one of the most nonsensical posts you’ll ever read. If you don’t relate with it, I told you so *cheeky grin*. Thank.God.Its.Friday though!

There are many times we question things, right? I bet am not alone in this *hoping for some consoling responses*. Not necessarily because something is going wrong or maybe something is actually wrong, but just because you’re wondering how and why it is the way it is at that moment. Why am I feeling? What am I doing? Is it the right thing, in the right place, for the right reasons? What could I have preferred to do or feel instead?

Like you could be extremely happy and for a moment there you wonder, yikes! Is it possible that I am this happy? You could be sad and you’re like, “I wish someone could just give me a hug and tell me it’s going to be okay”, haha of course no one does at that moment, so you hug yourself get over it. You could be writing and you wonder why you even write in the first place, does it even make sense really? You could be chatting with people and wondering how alone you are. All this, just for a moment. Then you’re back at it *whatever it was you were feeling or doing* with no questions. It’s at this point you even feel like laughing at your questions or at your situation.

It’s a moment where you kind of lose meaning of your current feelings, actions. And at that moment, you’ve got to hold it down. Hold it down for yourself and for the people around you because it’s a moment of questioning that’ll disappear before you know it. Should you not hold it down, you could do or say something you can never take back just because of a moment of self-weakness.

I was just wondering why in heaven’s name I blog? Stupid question right, figured the same. So I held it down, got over it and now blogging it. Leading by example…maybe!

In other related news, a tid bit on me, could be stupendous. Sometimes I breathe out so much energy, I bet you can attest to that, am the full energizer bunny with stories from here to *God knows where*. Then sometimes I can actually be the zoned out loner, you know that girl who sits at the corner and watches what’s going on and hopes that someone would breath energy into her, because maybe she’s run out of it. That’s actually the source of my weird moments of questioning.

Kelly Clarkson always does it right with her music, at least for me.

*whoop whoop* I’m that girl who just registered as a voter, not as useless politically any more huh! Now those politicians need to give me reasons to vote them in or out.

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Have you registered as a voter?

Have a super awesome weekend and as usual to a lil’ more living, loving and laughing!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*