Hot Topic *of discussion*

Today being one of those days where you have an easy no-stress morning . On my way to work, the matatu I was in as usual was playing Classic FM. I always tend to think it has quite some weird listeners and callers, but I guess almost everyone does…considering it’s the station played by all PSV’s in the morning. The two presenters “Maina Kageni and King’ang’i” always have a topic of discussion…and after being a forced listener, I came to figure that most of the discussions are based on Relationships and Marriage ….Period!

So on todays topic of discussion was that one that was brought up by men saying “The women/wifes for nowadays are no longer like their mothers!”

I was curious to find out what exactly they meant by that, because in my head I don’t see why women should be like their mothers. That’s why she’s your mother in the first place. Then probably the man should also be like their fathers or better yet the ladies father.

So guys *the weird listeners who would always call in and spill out a bit of #BS* started calling in and sharing in a piece of their mind. As usual the women would in summary say that men are losers and would rather have a dog in the house than a man. While the men would call and say how they are damned to have the worst women (and compare them to their mothers. which of course ends up being a 10 – nil story, where the woman/wife is always the bad one and is the worst thing to happen in their lives).

My take on this whole topic of discussion:

It got me confused, and I’m sure, many other women listening to the show. And in the end I was like I’m clueless about men and what they want. But one thing I know, never tell a woman to be like your mother, because:

  1. We are all of different DNA’s
  2. We didn’t grow up together
  3. She’s just not your mother

I can bet even our fathers had problems with our mothers…just like our current men have problems with their women and vice versa. Plus every relationship has its own baggage.

I’m selling out one of my favorite quotation *how I’ve dug out for it*, my other creative mind *read half* says that he’s fantasy girl is a blend of Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union and Megan Good…but he realized he ain’t a blend of Denzel, Will Smith and Nelly.

So I don’t know why men and women expect perfect beings as their partners, seeing as you are not perfect yourself.

I hear men saying that they want “Maid in the siting room, whore in the bedroom and chef in the kitchen.”

A woman on the other hand, needs four animals in her life. A mink in the closet. A jaguar in the garage. A tiger in bed. And an ass to pay for it all.”

Yikes! Don’t we expect so much out of each other … but we put out roles for each other like we should be robots, like we have switches or our bodies run on fuel…we are humans who just want to be loved and not compared to anyone else. To be appreciated and commended when we have done something nice, and when we aren’t able to do something as expected be given a hand of help by that person you have chosen as your life partner.

Why do people make relationships look like advanced calculus ? *eats up your head*

Ever heard that “Behind every bitch is a man who made her that way”…lol, to some extent this is kinda true. Speaking from a womans point of view, I think a Man who is part of your life, somehow determines how you turn out. If he’s the full hippie the woman will be a bitch for sure and treat him like a hippie he is. If he’s the full caring, loving bleh bleh bleh*insert nice things* guy, the woman will have a kind heart towards him. It’s more of “scratch my back, I scratch yours”


PS : A note to Women

“Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it’s our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark where they will mature into something you’d want to have dinner with” ~ Unknown Author



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*