How to Spend $1000 in an Hour

Hmmm! What to do with the $$$$ in 1 hour?

Being a woman, I will probably be super confused, it's guaranteed! First off let's do what we would normally do … convert the dollars into Kenyan shillings $1000*85 (current exchange rate) = Ksh 85,000

Dayuuum! This is money that has come out of the blues, I had not budgeted for it … it was not in my plan at all and I need to spend it! So what i'll do is divide it by 2. So i'll have Ksh 43,000 and Ksh 42,000. Then I will take the Ksh 42,000 and do serious stuff like pay my rent immediately and go to buy house stuff from the super market (Nakumatt to be precise), you know those unnecessary things that I have been looking at but been ignoring because I need to spend wisely … a good example is that home theater!

Then the other Ksh 43,000 being the woman I am, I already have shopping spots in my head. I will go shop for clothes, shoes, bags, various funky unknown goodies and some gifts for my peoples until the last penny … trust me all this will be done within the hour. After all this was such a blessing … who thought! Can it happen now for real, so that I can put my words into practice…lol

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