I Feel, I Dream…

I had an awesome weekend, I hope you did? Why I feel like I have abandoned you on here, maybe I haven’t really. I’m all good though, no complaints except that today am feeling woozy and floaty, like a feisty cold is creeping up on me but I don’t want to be unwell so I’m totally rebuking it . For a moment there I felt like am talking to some imaginary friends. Remember that cartoon “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”. I’m not saying my imaginary readers look like that *cheeky grin*, but a walk down memory lane. I miss going home at 4:00pm and watching cartoon network until 6:00pm.

Imaginary Friends
Just for laughs!

Ha ha the things that go through my mind … sometimes though, not all the time. Then sometimes I get a feeling. You know that feeling that you’re going to have a good time, a good day, a good year or even a good life, not because I have something in particular that gives me that hope (or maybe I do) but it makes me content and want to work harder, be a better person and strive to keep it that way.

I went for an event this weekend dubbed “Breakfast With The Coach”  which you should all come to the next time round. I will definitely keep you posted for the next event. The ticket was 500, and the value you get from that 500 is incomparable. We got a wholesome breakfast (you know me and food, so when I say wholesome, I mean wholesome). The speakers were people with vast experience, who started with the resources we have or even worse off but have come off winners and influencer’s. They show you that ordinary people can become extraordinary even without necessarily having material things.

Well, I got to learn a couple of things from each of the speakers (Anne Shongwe, Afroes – Gaming ; Richard Njoroge – Taxation and Law, KPMG Partner; Chris Kirubi, Man of many companies but the ones we relate to are Haco Industries and Capital FM – Venture Capitalist) but there was one thing that was common between all the speakers despite them having different backgrounds. It was the feeling and the dream. You have to feel it to dream it. Then after you dream it, you have to chase it. Don’t limit your dream to your resources which is what most of us (me included) do. You think just because you don’t have enough finances you won’t dare to dream beyond your finances. Or just because you you don’t have a certain technical ability or qualifications, you won’t dare to dream beyond that.

Finances, resources, skills, qualifications and so on are just details. Feel it, dream it and then when you start doing it you can worry about the detail while at it. That’s the point you put in effort, work hard and make smart or wise decisions. Getting that feeling and daring to dream is the difficult part in my opinion because it’s blurred. You need to filter out everything else and figure yourself and what you want out.

Dare to Dream
Just like the in the picture, it’s also that jumbled up in real life. You need to “Dare to dream” by finding it in the jumble.

Anyone who’s dared to dream without all the details in place and still managed to achieve whatever it is they dreamt of later on in life despite the challenges they face? It would be good to know … sharing is caring! What was your dream?

Feel good Monday
Woop Woop!

Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*