You know the quotes we hate are those that clearly outlay our weaknesses to rest of the world. You feel like it’s literally undressing you and you just want to cover yourself up because it’s a tad bit embarrassing. I mean in front of all my mates??? That’s just uncool. So you just read through the quote and pass by it like it didn’t exist. Worse, if you read it and decide to analyse it and it’s there throwing daggers at you, like you, ‘yeah, you ain’t got that or you ain’t doing that right’…cringe!

Do you have any of those? Here is one of mine,

“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

Am not one to show people I need them, although I actually do am human…lol so in most cases, most if not all of my friends don’t also show me that they need me. Am thinking it’s a sort of ‘I do you, you do me’ kind of thing. Every time I see that quote up there, this fact always hits me hard. I don’t go breaking people’s walls, because I don’t know how to insist on things, on people or anything that makes me look like am desperate for attention. If I try once and you put me off, am the kind that goes back to my shell. So in the same spirit, I put up my walls and don’t really expect anyone to break them.

#ihatethisquote because it puts a spotlight on my awkward trait. It also acts as my opener, it makes me think of this other side of me that I mostly avoid.  Like one of those things I haven’t managed to do yet and am still working at doing it. I can bet that’s the reason we hate some quotes. That in as much as they inspire you, you haven’t been able to apply it or you know you’re far away from getting there. You even find yourself asking if the people who share these quotes even do that? guilty as charged. There are so many things I say here, that I don’t do, but I have figured out that they are the key to many other things and I aspire to do them some day if not now. I guess so is the case of the quotists .

Hey, but there’s hope people. I still love me my quotes and hate me some. Just because I hate some quotes, doesn’t mean that I won’t try. After all it’s all about trying, failing then starting all over again. You just never know.


Happens to be Thursday, that day if you have forgotten to be thankful and truthful throughout the week, it gives you a chance. Good day good people’s.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*