Just sitting in the office working, and I think < clearly my mind wasn’t at work..hehe BUSTED > whats that thing you do that you know it’s really irritating but you can’t help do it because that’s just you. so its more like IRRITATING {YOU}

Thought this would be interesting, when you get to identify what it is that you think irritates people about you, without them even telling you <ok, that was a bit twisted>

Mine :

1. Repeating Songs

I can repeat a song I like for a whole day, and until I get bored no-one’s telling me anything. Thank God people don’t share computers…lol

2. Asking too many questions

Super Inquisitive, I don’t take half stories, I want to know everything. So if you make a mistake and decide to tell me a juicy story — have all the information.. quite not interesting esp when you also green like I am…lol

3. Interrupting discussions that am not part of

Haha am a pro at joining conversations even when I don’t know what’s going So who did that?? WIDE EVIL GRIN :()

4. Being Over-Defensive

I know I have done something wrong, but I have been in the act of self defence…nah, I didn’t do that even when it’s in black n white I did…or have an excuse for .. My mum is always the Victim here.. Sorry 🙂

5. Thinking about Everything

“Let me get back to you” …. And I was just asked to go for coffee, not like am being asked to travel to space…ha!

Would like to hear some of yours, you can tag whoever you want:








Signing off — *Kawi*