It’s a Big Bad World *Paranoia*

Yeah, it’s a big bad world. There’s no two ways about it, because it is. Adam and Eve could not have been thrown into it for them to come and have a ball here. You know! Have you ever wondered why we are faced by so many trials, temptations and tribulations? That’s what I was thinking of anytime I had time to think. And to my conclusion, happiness is definitely a choice, it’s neither a state nor a feeling. Just like love is. Someone chooses to be happy.

Over the weekend, after having so much fun with my friends, a birthday “pool” party and a night out. All was well, and by this I mean, I had no qualm whatsoever with the world. I tend to believe that’s happiness as well. When time came for us to go home, I was easy, because I had had so much fun, it was about time I lay my head to rest. As we walked to the car, the alarm had gone off and the first thing that crossed our minds was that someone had probably hit the car or something, oh well, everything looks okay and what do we do! Enter the car and off we go.

  • If I had the mind of a thief or my friends did, then we would have checked that everything in the car is intact, including the locks and the stuff we had left inside. But because we had not experienced such a thing before, all was well and the alarm was just as a result of something unknown.
  • If only I were paranoid because we had experienced this before, we would have made sure we had taken all the precautions as we set out clubbing i.e I wouldn’t have left my bag in the car in the first place.

Anyway, I did not realize anything abnormal, my bag was intact, just where I left it. So I never even thought of checking it’s contents. I was dropped home and as usual my first thing was to remove my phone and tell the mister I’m home safe. I had my usual phone, but I prefer to use my zain line because it’s clearer, cheaper and it had enough credit. So I search for that phone … ai! Nothing, so with my regular phone I tell my friend I think I dropped my phone in his car, maybe he could check for me and let me know.

So he tells me it wasn’t there. Please note, that all this time, I’m still thinking, ah! I must’ve dropped it somewhere in the car or at the party, so  someone will get it and call me to return it….HAHA! Then I prepare myself, and as I leave the house I think let me buy credit, hmmm! I gladly take my wallet, but no cash…ai! Then I had cash in my bag, I check, uuummm! Nothing! Okay, so I tell the shop attendant, I’ll be back, I forgot my cash. As I walk to the house, I still hope that I’ll get the money, since I had just changed handbags.

So, no zain phone, no cash! Then I call my friend and tell him I think I was robbed, but we were together the whole time, so the question was where? I hung up and make another call and as I’m explaining what had happened, it hits me, wait, whoever was stealing was just taking electronics and cash, then it hits me … crap! my beloved camera … gone!

Then as I ponder where this must’ve happened, because it was definitely not the pool party at riverside, it hits me that it’s Psys LA parking lot, the reason the alarm had gone off is because someone had found their way into the car *sigh* . And all  they thought of taking is stuff from my bag. However, they were considerate thieves because they had a chance to take the whole bag but he just took what he/she thought looked extravagant…lol

How I was consoling myself, is that maybe for them to steal, they were very needy and just need a source of making money and I just blessed them. To be honest I felt bad and regretted for a moment why I did not carry my bag, or why I didn’t go back home or why did not have a clutch bag … I even cried for a given 7mins *okay, that’s a guess but it was shortlived*, and the one thing I was told, is that’s just material replaceable stuff, and I was like yeah true, phone and camera I can buy, money I mean, we work to make money, it will be made and maybe in double fold.

It’s a big bad word I say and every single trial, is a lesson learnt. I have learnt to be paranoid, if my instincts tell me something is bad, I take the precautions and not leave room for regrets. There are malicious people, so don’t tempt them…lol, I think that day I just tempted the stupid thieves and they just did the noble thing, satisfy their desire. The last thing I ever thought, is that someone will still from me … and that’s what is called trusting the environment a bit too much.

Now, I’m totally okay, no more rants about what’s gone, just appreciate what I have. More will come, bigger and better … yah! And people, take care of your stuff, if you go to party, carry the necessary leave the rest at home, not in the car, or at least in the boot because of late the watchmen work hand in hand with the thieves.

Lesson Learnt

Be paranoid! If you think something could happen because of what you’re doing, or because of an experience you’ve had before, chances are it’s definitely going to happen, so take some reasonable precautions. Painful lesson, but it was most definitely learnt and now I’m over it :p


“Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts” ~ William S. Burroughs

“A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on” ~ William S. Burroughs

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*