It’s About To Go Down!

And I can barely write a proper blog post. I think that’s the only sign that I’m not handling this as calmly as everyone thinks I am. Besides that being by the Grace of God, I’m quite antsy on the inside, the butterflies we talk about are having a field day in there. It’s such a big day, with big expectations (of course of others, but mostly of myself) and big shoes to fill. I don’t doubt that we’ll fit right into the shoes though.

Throw Back: Remember when we were kids and we would go shoe-shopping with our folks right before schools re-open? Then they would request for a shoe a size bigger, and would also go ahead to check the tip of the shoe to see whether there was some space left. they would say it’s to create room for the growth that would happen throughout the term – because apparently our feet used to grow at a crazy rate and we didn’t have the luxury of acquiring new shoes as frequently as we may have liked – going by the number of times we went to the cobbler to have the shoe fixed. After acquiring the shoe, the first few weeks you’d have to break into the shoe because they would sometimes be quite tough on the edges, being new and a bit oversize. But after a while, you would become extremely comfortable in them – you would walk and play in them, while at one point, you were looking for any opportune moment to just remove them and free your feet.


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Photography by BSpoke.

It’s not any different as you get older, it’s just that it goes past the physical shoes, and it becomes about circumstances that life brings your way, because they come a size bigger too. It’s said, “you can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes,” and as my dad would say,

“You know Kawi, there’s really no one who’s an expert in experience. Everyone owns their experience.”

We’ve been walking that mile and I believe the journey will be a memorable one, the support has been incredible – from both family and friends. I honestly can’t wait for this big day to come and pass for me to really just fully experience it, more like feel it, because right now I’m operating on zombie mode. All I’m thinking about is; What hasn’t been done yet? Who hasn’t been invited *hides* – I would advise you not to catch a feeling about that, it’s very unitentional. Just remind the bride or groom that they forgot to invite you and that you’d love to attend. As I silently take back all the feelings I’ve ever caught for not being invited to a wedding.

Right now it’s a bubble of emotions and they’re inexplicable, but just to let you in on my state of mind,

Yo! I’m getting married to this guy who I love endlessly through the good times and yucky times. Who has gotten to know me, all of me, and still wants to spend the rest of his life with me – that’s quite flattering actually. But I’m glad I’ve found myself a cheerleader; someone to walk through this journey called life with, right by my side. Let’s just have fun while at it. God’s speed! 

It goes down on 04.09.2015. And for the love of September, may it bring you good tidings and great joy!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*