Kiss GoodBye

Being dumped,haha just thought about it, well been there done that to and it’s not the end of the world, life has to move on. You know, Life is a bitch like that… but maybe your also acting like one thats why its being hard on you too…ok, that’s a nice way of thinking about it.

You know someone can be a bitch and a sweetheart at the same time… I think thats how life is too. Haha ‘Bitter Sweet’…sucks huh! Oh Thanks to Adam and Eve. They just should’ve been obedient and we’d all be happy with a painless life…with lots of manna and honey and singing…lol

For whatever reasons i even thought about writing this…anyway,I just find it funny how guys start dating and they think the world of each other, like if you interviewed someone at that point, I can assure you 100% that the couples cannot imagine life without the other. But after dating for a while and you discover that past the physical and bliss theres the inner person that u weren’t really aware of … and as you get to know each other, your like ” Oh my God, with did i get into “…and you start looking for the fastest escape route. To get to these break up, one uses all sorts of excuses. while you could just tell the other person your plainly just not interested in them any more(ok, that was meant to come out just like a wish, because thats the hardest thing one could do, doing that is just plain right evil and hurtful,wouldn’t do so, i would rather come up with a million and one excuses).

So a series of ways to break up, dump or be dumped; some of which I have been a victim of….oops or I have heard of!

  1. You’re like my brother (or sister) …and my good friend, if we continue we’ll just ruin everything. This is an honest truth that sounds like a lie, but t
  2. Where you aren’t even sure if you’re dating..haha but theres no connection or chemistry so you just cut communication, like zilch text, no calls, NO MEMORY.. and it just ends like that. But thats mainly for non-committal relationships – did quite a couple of this.
  3. Then theres the being dumped through the phone,to be a bit specific through an SMS …oh, that happened to me. I couldnt even believe it…oh, t’woz in class, I jus read the text and shock my head in agreement. its called being young..hehe (That just screams ‘fear of the unknown’ but its the best way to avoid drama)
  4. The “its me at fault, not you”always works although its cliche…I think its the politest way because you sort of put the blame on yourself hence the other party is less hurt.
  5. “I love you, but am just not in-love with you”…now thats like a sword into ones heart, what would someone do to deserve that.
  6. “You completely changed, you are not who you were when I met you” 🙂 , “Oh hell yah I am the same ol’ same ol’ person” …as some say love is blind, as much as i disagree to that statement, I think it is. or if not, then one gets possessed by something…then it the possession is whisked away by some reality checks.
  7. “Am just not that into you”… in most cases this is used when theres another person in line after you are boooted…watch that space you’re leaving black.
  8. “Ignore, Ignore, Ignore….any calls, texts, visits”…is used for those people who aint just getting it…its over Kapish over, and they’re still trotting by your side…thats the only way to deal with them. I hate such, at least i haven’t
  9. The one that hit the jack-pot “I want a family, kids, a house, to drive a car — and right now you just cant provide that”… WTH, now this is the lamest, because when you started dating you knew the financial position of the is it that now you have found someone to provide that??? Yet to find out…

Those are just but a few, well in case you know others….yo welcome to add so that at least If someone pulls for you some line it wont be such a suprise…or maybe it will hurt less 🙂

My two pense here, is that when you’re breaking up with some one at east make it cultured. You know, like you don’t have to be enemies..actually i think you’d make better friends, because at least the chemistry has been explored and now you’re both non-curious. So you can just ‘Kiss Goodbye’ to the relationship but welcome a long undying friendship 🙂

Signing off ::: *Kawi*