Last Minute Disease

I’m pretty sure you can relate with that disease and it has no cure, we’re still searching. The one that makes you want to do everything at that very last minute. You know just right before the deadline. All through, you have known that you’re supposed to do this and it has been at the back of your head. What is lacking is that motivation to get your hands dirty on it just yet. So you procrastinate, and procrastinate, you give your excuses. Then when d-day is here, things go bonkers. You’re trying to juggle 5 balls *read projects* all together, and boy, we all ain’t expert jugglers.

last minute

You have just been given an assignment, you have been told it’s due in a few weeks. You want to start the assignment but there is just no morale to do it. Everything looks complex, time is evasive, you’re extremely busy doing other things, even those things that are not relevant suddenly become more important. You’re breezed out, but at the back of your head you know there’s something you’re meant to be doing even as the days close in. Then. The d-day is here. The assignment is due tomorrow at 10.00am and it’s 10:00pm and your word document is blank. LOL. Funny at that moment, all thoughts come rushing through. You feel like a combination of Dexter (Dexters Lab) and Professor Utonium (Powerpuff girls). Very lethal combination by the way. Although you come up with the best ideas then, the pressure experienced is also real. I don’t think these other pressures have got anything on it. It works well for some, others get panic attacks.

Last minute mood

You’ve been told of a meeting days before. Then the hours before the meeting is when you remember you had some action points allocated to you O_O and you’re supposed to give feedback. It’s an hour to, and you start calling clients, writing reports. This is the time your colleague comes to say hi and bug you and you don’t hear a thing they’re saying. And if they press any further you could detonate. You’re like sitting time bomb.

You were supposed to go to some place by a particular time and you over-estimate the amount of time you have to get there or under-estimate the traffic you will encounter on your way there. Then you get stranded in traffic. You look at your watch and you think if I just alighted and walked I’d make it right on time. Then somehow the traffic moves and you’re there. It’s like your faith moves it, if it doesn’t just walk. In as much as you’re not a good time-keeper, the last-minute saves.

If it wasn’t for that last-minute, many of us would falter in so many ways and things. Especially when it comes to dealing with deadlines. Maybe this was the source of deadlines. Humans figured that they can’t be trusted to do things at their own pace and deliver without being pressed or put under pressure. If there was no deadline, nothing will be done.

It’s like deadlines are a motivator and last-minute the much-needed adrenaline rush.

I used to say I want to get healed of the last-minute disease, but then am thinking how it has helped me meet so many deadlines. Even those I never thought I would meet. The adrenaline rush makes me feel like a Miss.SmartyPants, but really, my mind goes on an overdrive. That feeling like I can conquer the world. While if you asked me when the assignment or project was first being given, I would probably be like, “this shiii be so difficult”.

last minute

Are you one culprits taking advantage of that last minute? Does it work for you?  Or would like to be healed…lol. Our scientists are still looking for the cure, once we concoct some, it’ll be shared. Have a super Friday!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*