Lest You Forget All The Goodness.

You have to speak to it, goodness. I come from the school of thought that believes that if you put out some good to the world, then some good will be sent right back to your doorstep. It might not be of the same intensity, but whether in small doses or in large quantities, as long as it’s good, it makes all the difference. When something good happens to you, you take in and you revel in the moment. You feel happy and blessed.

However, not everything goes as we had planned or anticipated and most times we will see these occurrences as misfortunes or setbacks. And it could be exactly that. Sometimes bad things happen to good people who do good, and such is life. But it doesn’t nullify all the goodness that has happened to you beforehand; and the fact that there’s still a lot more of that goodness in store for you. You shouldn’t feel like that occasion where things didn’t go as planned is the end of your world, that you spend a lot of time mourning over it and not speaking good into your life or you stop putting out good to the world and so there’s no good that’s coming back to you. Or even if there is, you become blind to them because you’re still overwhelmed by the dark feelings.

Mid last year, when we went to Mombasa for vacation we met with a couple friend of ours that reside there. My husband and her husband were classmates in highshool. It doesn’t help that we have so many mutual girlfriends too but we hadn’t really crossed paths prior to that, maybe just on social media and say about once or twice in social events. And so we kicked it off easily as we have a lot in common. We chatted about life and its many facets from marriage, family, career, growth, self-love and we touched on the different struggles we’re both generally going through and what we can do to overcome them.

She encouraged me so much. I have never met someone who can do that so effortlessly. Then she did something that left a beautiful permanent mark in my heart. The following day when we were preparing to leave she texted me and told me that she had something for me. So I thought I had left something of mine with her but there was nothing I was missing on my end. And she happily comes along with a gift bag and in it was a beautifully decorated tin with the words ‘God is Faithful’, two books on friendship and a hand-written letter. A hand-written letter guys! I was over the moon and overwhelmed by emotions. Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to react when I am shown so much goodness? Especially after the a million and one thank you’s.

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Here’s this person who I have just connected with, and she has done all this for me. My husband’s comment, “What’s with you two? Even I want a friend like that.” She told me that the tin was a gratitude jar. That’s the first time I heard of the gratitude jar concept. Like I told you, procrastination is a real problem which I am planning to aggressively let go of in 2017. I swear. I was so excited and when I came home, I said I will follow the instructions to a T. That never came to be, because procrastination. So as I was doing my internet rounds before new year, I come across the gratitude jar challenge. Wow! The concept just needed a little drilling in for me to feel compelled to take it up once again.

See, when 2016 was ending, I promise I couldn’t remember any good thing that had happened in the year, especially the many little things that had brought me joy/happiness – I know I had them, many of them, but they were heavily over-shadowed by the bad things that had happened. From the corporation that I am working for going into receivership; my close friend losing his baby sister in a cruel way and many other friends losing their loved ones; my friends’ relationships being in the rocks; some friends battling with sicknesses; the government (yes, the government). It was just difficult to look back and remember those things that brought a smile to my face and I wished that I had written them down.

And that’s when I understood the importance of the gratitude jar. Filling it up throughout the year with little notes of the things that bring you a feeling of immense happiness/joy, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the grandest of things, even small gestures. Then opening it up at the end of the year and remembering those moments and not forgetting to thank God for seeing you through the year and allowing you to experience his goodness. He really is faithful. It’s just 6th of January and I have started noting them down.

Gratitude Jar Challenge, KawiSnippets,

So today, albeit late, I would like to publicly thank Ess of Bibi2Be from the bottom of my heart, for introducing me to the Gratitude Jar Challenge even before it became a thing. If you think it’s a great idea, please get a jar (any kind of jar), personalize it (decorate it to your liking) and make it your own gratitude jar. If you have children, this is such a great activity to get them to appreciate the little things in life that bring them joy everyday. Teach them to be thankful, because as they say, “a grateful heart is a happy heart.”

Go ahead and fill it up. Speak to it, goodness.

Stay blessed, stay happy!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*