Let’s Just Chill

Because life is happening too fast.

I feel like I have abandoned my online abode and it’s been gathering dust. But if you may, let me blow some of it off. I have been going through a phase that has been rather overwhelming and new to me and I am trying to figure myself out while in the process of dealing with everything and hoping that I am in the slightest bit doing the reasonable thing. Because the one thing I have realized with adulting (or growing up) is that no one really has it all together, we just survive by the Grace of God really. We do what we feel or imagine is best for us and for those around us – it may not necessarily be the right thing or even the wrong thing, because who even knows which is which anyway? So sometimes you go for what makes sense and is remotely reasonable to you.

Have you ever felt like everything is coming at you all at once? It’s like a video game and there are so many obstacles that you have to jump, duck and tackle, because you want to protect yourself, but sometimes you’re so caught up in managing your survival tactics, that you unwillingly give in and crash or lose a bit of yourself along the way. In the game, it’s equivalent to losing a life, and in others, it’s your energy levels deteriorating until you’re no more.

Good thing is that the game allows you to gather lives as you go along, because despite the hurdles, there’s also some amazing things to pick up along the way that give you a boost and that adds some value to your life. As you pick them up, they add up and they eventually create a new life for you to redeem when you need it. And when the moment comes that you crash or lose a life, you get a chance to start over again from the beginning with that extra life. It’s a relief knowing you’re not completely down and out, just that you have to start over and work your way through the places you have already been to get to where you want to be. It’s a set back.

And because you have an idea of where the obstacles were, you are a bit more cautious not to repeat the same mistakes. However, sometimes the way it’s set up, it happens that you could even make a mistake even before you get so far ahead (and for no specific reason, maybe lack of focus or some distraction or just because), or you can repeat the same mistake not because you want to but because it’s just generally a tough spot or due to some factors that are out of your control. Other times, you get through that stage and you move on to another new and exciting stage, which has different obstacles and opportunities. Some of which you will bypass, and others which will require you to apply yourself.

Basically, for each one of us, life is going on and at such a fast pace. Things are happening, we’re fighting battles, and we’re winning some and losing some. Let’s focus on our own and what affects us (whether directly or indirectly), because we don’t know what others are going through unless they choose to share with you. In which case, when they choose you, be a friend. At the very least, be present, give them a listening ear and be there for them the best way you can be. And also, if you’re on the receiving end, be sure to return the favor, because you might be thinking you’re going through so much, but your friend could also be going through the same if not worse, because life is that way.

We all have our games to play i.e. lives to live. We are all in different stages and we all have different tactics in which we’re playing our game. And the same way we just chill when we’re playing video games, and we understand that it’s just a game; let’s just chill as we do life, and understand that it’s just life. It happens and it’s a roller-coaster. Let’s accommodate that.

Source: Speaking of games, my favorite childhood game was ‘Crash Bandicoot’. Which one was yours? And as I was writing this post, it’s the game I had in mind.

I hope you’re having a better day? I am. I am choosing to celebrate the wins and endure my misses – and be entirely grateful that life is giving me a chance to experience both. Overwhelming as it may be.

Stay Inspired,