Like Olympics, Like Life

August is one of those months that I don’t really have feelings for, if you know what I mean. But am thinking it’s about time I embraced it for no reason at all, just because. I think for starters it has the most awkward name in all the months names…don’t you think so?

When I was a kid my friend told me to be saying when I was younger..difference?, Olympics was the only sports thing that could keep me glued to the TV, just that I had to wait so long before the next one. All other sports were boring, unless Wrestling of course (WWF). I was always looking forward to seeing the determination and focus on the participants faces every 4 years round. Yeah there was eye candy *slurp* but for me it was about how much confidence they had in themselves to be able to represent their countries in the Olympics. This is like *insert population of your country* looking up to you and expecting you not to let them down and by this I mean, get a gold or silver and at the very least (which people won’t appreciate so much) a bronze. If not, you’re basically just another citizen who hasn’t done much, but spent money going for Olympics … us guys can be such mean souls.

However, if there’s one thing that I was common to most of the participants of the Olympics in all the two or three years I’ve managed to watch it, is the desire they have to win and their face of focus and determination combined with the effort they put in. And after they win, their heart of gratitude. It’s just amazing, I think that’s my sole reason for loving Olympics. The feelings as so real, yes I can feel it through the telly! I mean sometimes you even feel like sharing that greatest joy with them.

Bits and pieces of the races I watched…

Michael Phelps

Well, am not unpatriotic but this guy must’ve put massive efforts to be a reigning champ in the Olympics…when does he retire again? lol We need our Dunford’s topping the charts. But really this guys determination can just be seen by the look of his face. He know’s what he’s up for and he’s going for nothing less.

Shelly-Ann Fraser – 100m

When they were doing the introduction bit, to be honest…I was on team Nigeria, that Nigeria woman had exuded some Uasin Bolt stunts during the heats…lol then came the finals and Fraser, was like flash O_O but the thing about her was focus, focus for the finish line. By the way when she was completing the race, she didn’t even know she’s won until she saw her name on the board. *Hands Down*

Kemboi – 3000m Steeplechase

Yikes! This guy has an adrenaline rush from *who knows where*, after racing a 3000m steeplechase, when everyone is down, he’s up and doing the Kemboi jig. Looks like he always knows what he wants. I just love how he shows his gratitude. First after making the race look like a breeze, he goes ahead and makes you feel like rejoicing with him.

Sandra Perkovic – Discus

Sandra Perkovic threw a  Croatian national record of 69.11m to win the Olympic women’s Discus title. Can you spot the difference, now both looks are winner looks. The first one she doesn’t really care how you think she looks, she puts in all the effort her body can generate, then after she wins she can now look all pretty. And she sure does biting that gold medal.

Greg Rutherford, Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah


“It’s one of those races,” said Farah, the 5,000m world champion. “I saw the result, I didn’t see the race. If these guys are running that, I should be able to run a much faster time. These are the guys that I compete with week in, week out. It gives me good confidence as an athlete. It makes me think if they can run that I can run faster.” Source

Rudisha (Kenya), Uasin Bolt (Jamaica)

Last but not least, our two record breakers! Uasin just did his 9.63, new record. After setting one last Olympics at 9.58. Just crossing fingers for Rudisha tonight on his 800m and this is what he had to say:

“In this championship I don’t look at the record. It is a medal that I want. Once I get the medal, toward the end of the season I can think about the record.” – Source

Now, all these Olympics vibes and how it relates to life. Of course I (we) know that only a very tini-tiny percentage of us will get to take part in Olympics everrrr *hope the emphasis is felt* but you know, the life we live is already more like it. It’s like a big huge stadium and you’re in the heptathlon now that I learnt what it is on the weekend, don’t judge race (basically where you take part in seven different track races e.t.c). We are all aiming for the best, we always want to be succeed in almost everything we lay our hands on. True or false?

Well, it’s all dependent on the determination, effort and focus we put in whatever we do. Otherwise, if you don’t aim for the best (the gold), you’ll get silver (something less) or bronze (lesser) and at worse just be an average human being just living and aiming for nothing in particular. The best thing with life unlike Olympics, is that it doesn’t limit us to just one gold for everyone, the gold comes in many forms and there’s as much gold as one can get.

Olympics happens once in four years, life happens everyday. So in everything you do, do it with determination, effort and focus. See results and not the race. With that, as you run the race it’ll have more meaning, more like a means to the end. And chances are that you’ll succeed in that which you’ve set yourself to.

Signing off — *Kawi*