Looking For Inspiration?

We look for all inspiration from what we do, hear, say, see ain’t it? Just like when we pluck an eye lush or see a lonely star (save for a shooting star) or blow the candle(s) on the birthday cake, we actually make that wish hoping with all our fingers and toes crossed that it will come true. At least I genuinely do. I met with my baby sister yesterday (though it happens every other day now that she’s doing something in the CBD as she waits to enter campus and boy isn’t she demanding…lol), a mid my busy schedule *cough cough* I can actually afford to say that without flinching, and I was telling her, “It would be nice if I could make lots of money without having to work so hard.”  Of course we laughed it off, I mean, like seriously?!

Inspiration is


So after she lays down her case as to why I should take her for lunch, this was done in a professional way mind you, these kids. We go for lunch, chit chats and all, watch her gobble down everything ha ha, and when I go back to the office, I think of that statement I’d brushed off earlier as a joke. But we do look for inspiration. In all cracks and crevices, in people and things both existent and non-existent. As we look for it, our hopes are raised for a moment there and we feel like we’re close to grabbing it or getting it right. Then something slaps us back to reality or gets us to strike that iron while it’s still hot. The thing with inspiration, just like excitement, is that it dies out faster than you can squeal, “yaaay”. So you really have to be with it, take it and use it before it escapes you.

How we cling on to that source of inspiration we have instantaneously connected with such that the moment it doesn’t appeal to you as had expected it to you end up feeling disappointed, let down, too expectant and all things related. Like when you get the slightest form of criticism you crawl back into your shell, or when no one gives a helping hand, you feel bad. It’s human, am human, it happens to me. It’s because you are depending on that source to give you the energy to start that thing you’ve been dying to do, or that thing that needs to be done but psyche to do it is negative, more like that spark that will start the fire.

But what’s a spark without a purpose or without anything to fuel it? It will eventually go off or just keep sparking and doing nothing. Give that spark life, something to make it develop into a flame or a fire. You are the one who decides what you want it to be based on what you want it to do. Do you want it to cook, warm you up, give light, burn stuff? That spark is your inspiration, it’s better when it catches you working, then it gives you psyche, and not catching you off guard because then it won’t be of use. It’s the spark that’s the source of inspiration for the fire that follows, and it has to work its way into creating a fire that will last long enough to serve its purpose. This could be by having enough gas, fanning or blowing it so as to expose the fire/heat.

Inspiration is not magic or some voodoo,  it’s there with you, you just need to cultivate it. When you look for it, chances are that it will elude you. So you just do your thing, find within you the energy or zeal to do what it is that you’re dying to do, inspiration will find you. I say this because many times, am caught in the endless search for inspiration, I want to sit there and still find it, of course that never happens. I find that I have to start the task then somewhere mid-way I am so in to it, that the passion and desire to get it done overwhelms me, I equate that to my inspiration. The people that help you while at it, give a hand or two, give you positive sentiments, criticism, that’s inspiration. The abstract things that you place your hope on while you do your task, those wishes, those expectations, the unfounded thoughts, that’s inspiration.

You don’t find inspiration, it finds you!

You don’t find inspiration, inspiration finds you! Feels like a Chuck Norris statement.

Inspiration has its source in the oddest of forms, but as long as you experience it. Isn’t that what matters? Besides that, is there something you’ve been dying to do and you just didn’t have that psyche for doing it? Now is the time to start, then along the way, Mr (Mrs). Inspiration will catch up with you.

Pink always wins me over with her music (kind of relates to what I was saying, but from another perspective) and weirdness. How do you like this one? Can you believe it’s just 15th January, how’s it that time is flying, but when you look at the calendar the days are dragging. Is it just me or have you made that observations? I guess that’s how January rolls, but we need to cramp its style sometime. Maybe 2014.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*