Kawiria Rincuni

Kawiria Rincuni (Kawi) is a lady with a bright and bubbly personality, at least most of the time. She’s an optimist who is fascinated by new technology and innovations that make life easier. She passionate about creating social content that positively inspires and impacts people, and most of all, interacting with people in a way that will create more value in their lives.

She has a Master’s in Business Administration, with a major in Strategic Management and Marketing from Daystar University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology from Strathmore University.

Kawi Snippets, is a lifestyle blog that she created in 2009. She uses it as an avenue to share her experiences and views as she exhibit the things that make her who she is. She draws her inspiration from knowing that there’s a divine connection created with people through sharing of content, and that’s why she’s consistently done it over the years.

Her desire is to make this platform a network through which like-minded people can share their experiences and views in a way that inspires others to be better and do better. Read some more blurbs about Kawi’s blogging journey here: My Blog Journey and My Fun Facts.

Naazneen Parkar

Naazneen Parkar (Naaz) is lady with a cool, calm and collected personality. She’s passionate about tourism and more importantly reinforcing the link between online marketing and tourism.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce from Rhodes University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism from University of Cape Town. She’s a digital strategist from Kenya with experience across the web with a key focus on Kenya, South Africa and Canada.

Her goal is to make this world a better place, one gesture and one step at at time, because each of them counts. She draws her inspiration from being able to create the dots (innovate) and more so connect them (implement) and uses that as her personal benchmark for success. Her focus will be on sharing her perspective on leadership and general life lessons, because she believes that together we can make a difference.

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Mbithe Nzomo

Mbithe Nzomo considers herself to be mediocrity-averse, with a bold and ambitious personality. She’s passionate about tech and travelling. Her favourite destinations so far have been Osaka, Paris, and Watamu. She hopes to visit at least 2 new cities by the end of the year, possibly Cape Town and New York. She’s also extremely passionate about tech, and about getting more girls and women interested in programming and careers in tech.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Informatics from Strathmore University and currently works as a software developer at Andela. In her career so far, she has spoken at several technology conferences, forums, and meet-ups. She’s also a contributing author at Scotch.io, where she writes programming tutorials. She’s active in organizing and mentoring at programming workshops for girls, most recently Django Girls Nairobi 2016 and Django Girls Mombasa 2017. You can find out more on her tech blog, deCODEgirl. She’s inspired by many things and most of them revolve around women in technology (Hidden Figures, for example, was amazing).

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Michael Ngigi

Michael Ngigi (Mike) is a gentleman with an intuitive, optimistic and creative personality. He’s passionate about understanding the human condition and finding ways of influencing behavior for positive change. He would like to do good by inspiring others and helping them find their purpose.

His last formal and complete education was in high school, the rest of his learning experience has been informal. Most of what he has learnt has been through apprenticeship, mentorship and a stubborn and insatiable curiosity. He has had the opportunity of learning under some brilliant minds and this opened him up to great opportunities doing what he loves.

He’s a senior strategic designer in a global research and innovation agency. His job entails lots of research to understand what motivates people and then designing solutions with them. He has a background in behavior change communication, design, marketing and social work. He has had the opportunity to develop and run creative and behavior change projects in West, Central and East Africa for iconic brands in the continent. He is also paid to play with Lego, colors and all types of toys at work.

He is inspired by the success of everyday people, however big or small. He finds that by merely observing how human beings live their lives he always picks up meaningful life lessons that add value to his life. He is also inspired by nature. Through his contribution, he wants to inspire young people and cause positive behavior change through relating human interest stories and initiating life-changing conversations.

“Have you ever watched a bird weave its nest? So many lessons from a tiny creature!”