Mindful at The Creatives Garage

A Spoken Word Showcase

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a spoken word showcase dubbed Mindful at the Creatives Garage along Kirichwa Road. My sister had told me about it a few weeks back and had requested that we should go for it together. And being the typical person that I am, I said yes and I completely forgot that I had committed to it. Come Saturday morning, she saunters in to my room and she’s like, “so we’re still going for the Spoken Word gig, right?” Me: “Urm! Yeees, I guess.” That how I found myself in this mix.

Now, I think I have confessed here before that I am not a poetry person. And true to it, I wasn’t then. It never used to fascinate me, then. When I retrace my thoughts, it could be because my view of poetry was from a very shallow perspective of what it is about and not from the angle of it being a creative outlet for anyone who prefers to express themselves that way. The same way I would write my extra-long posts here, is the same way someone else would create such simple, but powerfully intense, profound and rhythmical words that speak volumes to its listeners (or readers) when spoken or read. It’s a culture to unite the body, mind and soul.

For that reason, I had attended very few spoken word events. The last one I went for was way back in 2010 or there about. I had forgotten the vibe around these events to be honest. Considering that it’s not the same people that were performing then that are performing now, which is very encouraging. Spoken word or poetry has truly evolved, because people’s creations are consistent with the times. The same matters that were being tackled then, have now progressed and people are more exposed, more confident, more open minded and more welcoming of topical issues that need to be addressed, the kind that people shied off then, because they were afraid of being judged or ostracized.

When I agreed to this plan, the first thing that crossed my mind of course was; what kind of crowd will be there, and what am I going to wear?! So she gave me a quick low down of what to expect. That it was to be a chilled crowd that’s there mostly for art and that I should wear what I would be comfortable in. Wow. Simple. Perfect. I don’t know if it’s an everyone thing, but being in a social setting that I am not used to usually makes me a bit nervy, because I always think about how I would fit into it. Especially if it’s by people I don’t know or that I have never met before, and this one was of that kind.

Anyway, when we got to the Creatives Garage, I was amazed by how chilled the place was, actually. From the graffiti on the walls, the local deco which was old lamp shades that most houses had back in the day (the kind that when blown off would make everyone in the house tear because of the unburnt paraffin), the colored plastic cups and mwiko’s (cooking sticks) and the sitting arrangements – there was a bleacher stand and then around was benches and some low wooden forms with cushions. Then at the front is where the spoken word artists and poets would perform their pieces in front of the curious and expecting eyes.

I loved each of their performance pieces. I loved how they performed them. I loved how profound they were. I loved how they have this platforms for youthful creatives to practice and showcase their talents. It’s not easy to perform in front of a crowd and I know it. But what impressed me the most is how mature the crowd was. Yes, mature. And how seriously the artists took this opportunity. Mature in the sense that they know that person on stage is putting out their best work yet and that they’re divulging their deepest and most sincere thoughts and experiences that make them the most vulnerable.

MC Elfra

When someone say forgets their lines, they would snap their fingers to boost their memory and help them remember their lines. The support each performer received from the crowd was awe-inspiring. I would say that’s the kind of environment one needs to be in to help them firm up their skills as a performance artist. If that’s your kind of thing. Also, I could guess that’s why it’s called the Creatives Garage, because it fixes and builds Creatives, but what do I know.

When you’re doing algebra and it’s too easy, chances are that you’re doing it wrong. ~ Tear Drop (poet)

Overall, I enjoyed myself. Way too much!

Stay Inspired,