Mirror Mirror On The Wall

The other day, I posted a picture of me having a moment with the mirror. I knew one day I’ll be able to put it into perspective. Confession, I have many of those moments, mostly undocumented and for various reasons. To see if I look pretty and put together, to see that things are in place – the body, the face, the hair, the clothes, the accessories, but most of all, to talk to have that little chat with it, whether it’s to uplift, encourage or push myself. I believe I look saner talking to the mirror than talking to an imaginary friend, because that’s the next option. As my colleague would say, “we’re all a bit twisted; it’s the degrees that differ.”


I pray. I talk to God, but sometimes, one need to talk to someone they can see. Someone that understands what you’re going through. Whether happy – sometimes you’re so excited and you don’t know how to contain it, and you just need to express it, and not come off as being full of yourself. Or sad – sometimes you’re so sad or disappointed, you just want to cry a bucketful of tears, feel sorry about yourself, talk yourself out of it and be able to smile, laugh or dance to a nice jam.

Why the mirror? Because what I see is a reflection of me. Only the person looking right back at me knows what I truly feel and who I truly am. Tell your mirror who you’re not and it will simply believe you, and make sure you don’t come off as that person. The mirror won’t talk back at you, it won’t make you feel meaningless or humiliated, and it won’t judge you. It will me more like ‘You don’t want to be that? Ok. Then you’re not that.’

Tell the mirror who you want to be or what you want to do, and it will help you work towards that. Because when you make that promise through it, it will make sure that every time you have a moment with it, you want to see a reflection of who you said you want to be or what you said you want to do. Also, when you know that you’re the one responsible for making that happen, then without a doubt you will. Till then, when you look at the mirror, you’ll always remember ‘I owe you something.’ You want to come back and fist bump it because you made it. ‘Go you!’

I’m not writing off the other real people in your life, they’re just as important. It’s just that most times you understand yourself best. Deep inside you know what you want, what you don’t want, what you feel and what you don’t feel – and it can be difficult to make someone else understand that. People will have their opinion of the same on your behalf. So as you pour out your heart to your friend, they’re thinking, “if I was in your position, what would I do?”, or “This person is like this, maybe I should call them out based on that” and whatever they tell you may not sit well with you. They already have a perception of you, and that may form the basis of your communication. Then again, that’s very human, and that’s how we co-exist.

The mirror may just seem like another object to affirm your beauty, but I think it’s a lot more. It’s more than the adage “Mirror Mirror on the wall.” For me, it could double up as your buddy when you urgently need one. Be your own friend. That’s how far my twistedness has taken me, how far has yours taken you?

In other non-related news, I always appreciate that you take a moment to visit my online home and share in my twistedness. May you have a happy Easter and be blessed beyond measure.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*