Mondy: Friday Feels -4

Because We Thank God It's Friday!

I’m wondering

How we’ll get over the use of plastic bags! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the ban, I just think it’s going to take time to get used to not using them.


I’m feeling

Anxious. Not sure why. I’ve been feeling this way for a bit now and can’t really figure out why.


I’m excited

To spend the weekend with my grandma!! The last time I was in shagz was during Christmas ( I know, shame on me). I’m just happy to see her, its her birthday on Monday and she turns 87! 🙂


I’m looking forward to

Spending some quality time with my family this weekend. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own world, doing our own things and we forget how important they are to us.


I’m listening to

Did you see- J Hus


I’m watching

Grace and Frankie! I am absolutely in love with this series!!

Also really enjoying watching Sharon and Susan’s Our2Cents channel, so glad they’re back to doing their thing!!



I think by now you get the drift. I don’t read. Not proud of it, but I just don’t.


I’m wishing/hoping for

Yummy moments with family and friends 🙂



Frozen Yoghurt. I made a pact not to eat sugar for a month and so all things sugary are on my cravings list right now!!!

Praying for

My friends. I just want them to prosper and live a good life, you know? I want everyone in my circle to live fulfilling and exciting lives. So that’s what I’m praying for.


Quote I’m feeling this week


Have a fantastic weekend!