Moving Out 101 *Ridin’ Solo*

So this was the most amazing, stressful, under pressure, exhilarating weekend I have ever had in my short-lived life. It’s one of those that I always used to say “I can’t wait to do this” -> Not thinking that the day will eventually come when I have to do it.

As earlier mentioned, I finally man’ed up and moved out of my parent’s nest. I was thinking it won’t be that difficult, I mean we are all in one town anyway and I can go back home anytime I want, but yikes! That was what I thought, until the day before moving out and I was in such a state that it got my dad super worried.

To be honest, it felt like I was going back to boarding school. Only difference is this time round, I was carrying much more stuff and not being given pocket money. I take back my statement on experience because now I understand what it means to lack experience. Moving out or Shifting whatever you may like to call it is actually a project. A big project. It requires those three constraints that should be at the tip of your fingers if you do project management: Time, Money and Scope.

At least at the moment when someone asks me “So what’s new?”, I have something to say besides “uuuummm, nothing much really”. My colleague asked me and the first thing to blurt out was “I moved out?” That’s a conversation right there.

The First Day – Of being in my own house can’t even believe I’m actually saying that was rather different, I was very conscious of any movement. Basically, my ears and eyes were super sensitive, that even the movement of a paper bag was scaring the shit outta me. Stupid me, thought of putting music way later *knocks my head* first thing I should’ve done because it makes a huge difference. And then I discovered am a mini-clean freak, in that I could not get any form of sleep (me who’s a sleepy-head) before I was done with putting almost everything in place.

Some things I did, that totally got me excited…

I actually fixed my curtains – I know there’s someone who’s reading and is probably thinking … like really? For me that was an mini-achievement, I’d never done it before and it took me a couple of many minutes to figure which hook goes where.

Fixed Curtain

I prepared my very first meal in my very own house. I settled for the easiest to prepare, which was spaghetti, drumstick and soya chunks.

My Very First Home-Made-Meal

So a few things I got to learn while I was moving out for anyone who hasn’t yet moved out and will eventually do, here is a #MovingOut101 for beginners like me:

  • Talk about moving out as much as you can, it keeps sinking into you, than when you do it abruptly. I think I talked about it like 2 months before I eventually did.
  • Write a list of everything you need . And I mean everything, even the imaginary ones that you think you cannot afford to buy, just write it down any, it costs you nothing – ps : T.V is still on my list, I believe I’ll get one soon.
  • Check how much money to have to spend and budget wisely, buy according to priority – preferably (although I didn’t do much of that, I happen to buy by impulse.)
  • Every time you buy something tick against the list. And keep all your receipts – I am yet to calculate how much I spent. You can do that on one of your idle days, because staying alone even with all the entertainment can get lonely.
  • Plan how you will arrange the stuff in your house, more like an imaginary arrangement, it helps you know what to buy or what to hijack from your parent’s house…hehe. Your folks never let you go empty handed. I took that advice from someone and true to his word, my mom was pushing everything to me.
  • Pack your own things yourself, so that you have an idea of where everything is. It makes it much easier for you. You can mark the boxes (although I didn’t, yeah I have good memory like that.)
  • Organize your own transport and have plan A and B. In case A is unreliable or doesn’t keep time.
  • Have someone to help you fix the bed, I wouldn’t have done it myself. Thank God for dad, he even gave me a tutorial on how to fix the gas nozzle and tested all my electricals. You would’ve thought he’s the one who is moving in.
  • Dust the house before arranging stuff, trust me it makes arranging everything fun.
  • Then arrange stuff how you had earlier on thought it out – I slept at 1:00am having back aches, leg and thigh aches, hand aches. Think of all those aches one would have as a result of exhaustion, but at least I know I have settled down.
  • You cannot finish everything all in one sitting. After settling down you now start realizing what you are missing and you keep adding up slowly by slowly.
  • ALWAYS SET YOUR ALARM – If you love sleeping!

See, it’s an actual project, it includes the full planning, designing, executing/implementation. The only difference is that this one has no closure/termination. Everyday you find things that you have to change, purchase. or plan for *sigh*, but it’s fun in it’s own way.

I never thought at any one point I would be thinking in the morning what I will eat for supper … Tables do Turn!

It’s an exciting venture and I think I’m becoming more mature and grown up by the day. Oh well, I got a change and I’ve embraced it. Though that doesn’t mean I won’t frequent my folks nest. That’s a necessary, especially to get some love and collect food.

Raising my glass, “To Moving out and becoming Miss Independent”  🙂


Preposterous – contrary to nature, reason, or sense; absurd; ridiculous ~~~ I found it quite amusing for no apparent reason, that’s so preposterous! (I hope I used it in the right context??)

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


    Soya Chunks?


    • Thanks brav.
      Yeah Soya Chunks … they kinda represent meat in the vegetable/grain family, it has taste and feeling synonanymous to that of meat but it’s not.

  • Good stuff on the moving…
    One thing I learnt to do is buy one thing at a time esp. for the electronics… I’m almost done with my “Need to Buy” list…

    • oh yeah, that’s the way, one thing at a time…hakuna haraka.

  • im not sure if congratulations is appropriate remark here, but yeah..good for you.

    all the best in your endeavors to own a TV..hehe

    • :p Contributions are allowed towards my endeavor! that would be like charity, giving to the needy.
      Both would do – Congrats coz it’s an achievement and good for me, coz it’s good…hehehe

      • ati giving to the needy? ok…you buy everything else, i will donate the extension cord..hehe.

        • mmhh! You just say that, I have good memory on such promises, don’t be suprised if I come searching for you.

        • mmhh! You just say that, I have good memory on such promises, don’t be suprised if I come searching for you.

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  • and this is me NOT hiding….

  • Eclipse

    Soya? And why did i jua Chicken would be the first item on your menu?
    Congrats madam!!!

    • Soya… for eating healthy, and si you jua chicken is like the ice breaker….lol lazima ingekuwa first.
      Thanks much 🙂

  • raymondchepkwony

    Ahemm… Do I hear HOUSEWARMING PARTY?….

  • Congrats! I also liked the tips you wrote for moving out.

    • Thanks much. The tips come in handy…but i’m pretty sure u’re experienced in this.

  • Nziokxs

    Am with raymond on the house warming 😉 , well in on moving out and becoming Miss.Independent.

    • Thanks Nziokxs (ai why all the and Ray … The houswarming…guys will end up suffocating…it’s not ati a huge house…but I can have say about 3-5people per weekend mpaka waishe.

  • Kenyansista

    Congrats. Moving out is so much fun!

    • It’s much much fun and abit scary too..especially when you start imagining things at night..and start becoming home-sick. But i’m getting the hung of it.

  • the part for packing ur own things, very practical! enjoy the new nest

    • Thanks maajabu…i’ma enjoy it.

  • nkirdizzle

    Congratulations!!!! your all grown up, riding solo nini nini thats awesome!!

    • Thanks babe…Yup Yup it’s amazing. Hadn’t thought it would come this soon.

  • Yay!

    That was me 5 years or so ago…with my sisters hand me down sofa set, bed and basic utensils. Very exhilarating trip. Enjoy the freedom and space…you’ll soon become very protective over it.

    • oh yeah Buggz…hand me downs are the best ever, they save you alot of hustle…I can relate big time. I’ll enjoy it – Thanks.

  • Congratulations. Your first home will always live in your memory. Enjoy to the max.
    Great place you have here

    • Thanks Magaribina…nice to hear from you. For sure this shall be one hell-of-a memory, it was a first in many ways.

  • Mmk

    Congrats on moving out. It’s one huge step in life.

    As a dude, I did not have a list or a plan. I just moved out with a bed and a few utensils. Everything else fell into place over time.

  • Nice post! Am so happy for you on moving out 🙂 Must be exhilirating!

    I moved out like a year after finishing High School so av been on me own for sometime now.

    NB: Now that your on your own, Impulse buying IS A NO NO!! Trust me!

  • All the best! 🙂

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