My 2010 A+ Strategy *I wish, I hope, I pray*

Getting what you wish for is a statement that people actually take for granted, but just to give you a heads up, people get what they wish for, be it knowingly or unknowingly. What you wished for is synonymous to a new home. One that would lead you to something called “learning experience”.

2010 has been a great year, like one hell-of-an interesting one … It began with the usual, what are my New Year resolutions?? My simple response was, “Ummmmm I have NO idea, NO clue!” I’m a planner, but this time round I planned nothing. I did not set my achievements for the year. I know by now you are probably thinking … “Girl without direction!” But really, don’t you think New Year’s resolutions are over-rated? In short, I did not know what it is I exactly wanted out of this year. If I was some appropriate age I would’ve said I had hit mid-life crisis, but maen, I’m too young for that *cough*

I jumped into the year blindly, like a bat; remember the idioms we did in pre-primary i think as blind as a bat. That was me right there. Normally that would bother me, but it didn’t.  So life went on like it was the previous year. No changes, no nothing.

I think sometimes when you don’t have goals or better yet objectives for yourself and your life, you just need to sit back relax and observe what is going on first. Don’t force, sometimes not having resolutions is actually the best resolution.

It was one of those many days … where you are suddenly struck by an epiphany, shattering the foundations of reality as you know it … A realization that so many things about your life are not right or are not the way you would have loved them to be. The foundation you are building isn’t quite strong. And considering I had no plan a.k.a resolutions to check against. I embarked on the best alternative strategy … “I Wish, I hope, I pray”

It sounds lame, but that is what has taken me through this whole year (with no resolutions) … The reason I love my TGIF posts is because every Friday, I need to have something to write about in the “I wish, I hope, I pray” sections, I’m not an open book, I’m partially secretive, so I try to be as general as I can get, but deep inside I know what it is I’m wishing, I’m hoping and I’m praying for.

I would write them down in detail in my book as a prayer … Like I would sit on my bed one (many) evening or night and think of what I really really really want, and I write it down. I did it out of a hunger and desire inside me, what my mind and heart desire like the point they come to an agreement, though I was trying to pull it out as a joke on the blog, but on the book I was super duper serious. I prayed about anything and everything I was going through this year, the different aspects of my life as I would put it. I made wishes and had high hopes and I prayed for them to be actualized … and finally believing in God and myself!

It’s at this point I figured so much about myself, that if I had actually made resolutions I wouldn’t have achieved that. I still hold my thought that resolutions are over-rated … sometimes we make them out of pressure from our peers because that’s the society’s norm, or because it portrays you as organized and focused.

Wishes are the desires of your heart, Hope is what keeps you going and it retains that desire from your heart, Prayer is your heart, body and mind communicating with God … he gets to see your wishes and all the hope you have in them, and he takes it up from there. Like literally release all your burdens to him.

That has been my guide this year. And so far so good, this year has been the most fruitful year I’ve had, like everything I have managed to do and probably achieve was what was on my wish list. So I have psyche for the years to come now that I have figured my A+ strategy.

I believe wishes never die, the heart keeps desiring more and more … therefore the strategy is actually SMART – est!

I’m looking through this year, and where I have reached on this day, I can give myself a pat on the back and maybe a “Go Girl, you’ve got what it takes” … talk of self motivation … lol


Once what is in your mind connects with what is in your heart … you have the best deal of the year, just believe in God and yourself.


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*