My *All Time* Favorite Comfort Food

Mmmh I love food I must say.

Ugali, Sukuma-wiki and Meat

But, my all time favorite comfort foods would be “Ugali, Sukuma-wiki and Meat” or “Rice and Chicken” . I can eat this anywhere, anytime and everyday. I easily get bored, but I’ve never gotten bored of this foods #weird

My reasons:

  • They are fun to prepare, i mean there’s no strict rules on how to cook them unlike Chapatis (which I don’t like.)
  • They are fun to eat…lol, i know you are thinking how now. I love eating them with my bare hands *yeeeeah* like wash my hands and dig in, maybe a spoon for the rice! *no forks and knives*
  • They are Yummmy… I actually crave for the food even after eating them. I find myself thinking *I wanna have that for dinner!*
  • They are readily available and healthy..i mean I don’t have to worry i’m putting in so much calories *eat as much as you can* plus it’s already a mini balanced diet #ithink
  • They taste soooo good…if well prepared *salivating already*
Rice with Chicken Stew

Yah so that’s my comfort food *by all means*

Disclaimer: I eat whatever tastes good…so don’t feel shy give me other food as well…lol

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