Natural Hair Chit Chat: Current Hair Staples

I used to wonder why they called it a journey yet everybody’s got natural hair that automatically grows on their head anyway. And it was until I chopped my hair and started growing my hair in its absolute natural form that I understood the essence of “journey” when you mention natural hair.

You know those past experiences that you flee away from and you forget why you flee in the first place. And when you revisit the experience, you remember, “Aha, that’s why.” That said, when I decided to chop it, I was pretty psyched, especially because I could finally run my hair under the shower during my usual shower hour, everyday, without a care in the world. That’s blissful, plus no more living in salon dryers or being at the mercy of my hair dresser.

The hair has now grown beyond the “I can just walk out of the house without touching it and it’s okay” stage and I have to pat it or finger comb it some way for it to be presentable. Then I realize, I don’t want it short forever. I want to grow it to some reasonable length. Not necessarily for it to reach my bum, but so that I can be able to style and plait it without having suffocating pony tails or have some funky “big hair don’t care” fro.

That the hair needs to be shampooed, conditioned, oiled and styled. Oh boy! So what product does one use on natural hair for each of the aforementioned functions? Well, Google works for me and so does sharing with other ladies in the same dilemma, because they’re generous with info. But I figured everyone has different hair textures, and scalp sensitivity, so that what would work on one person could be an absolute fail for someone else.

I think the trick has been to simply get an idea of where to start, understand what product does what. Then go to the store and experiment it on myself – there are others I just use my instincts and say no. I research a bit, but of course it gets boring after reading reviews and when you try it out, it doesn’t work the same on you. So many products I ran to purchase after seeing someone’s hair all curly, bouncy and glowy on YouTube or pics and I’m like “Sssh! I won’t even say I tried that or what the outcome was”. Some make your hair bristle, others too dry or too oily. Eh! It’s a delicate balance that requires a lot of patience, perseverance and dedication. So far, these are the few products that my natural hair has said yes to;

Natural Hair Journey, Products

  • Doo Gro: For deep condition and treatment. It smells good and leaves my hair texture soft and smooth to touch. Not too sure what effect it has on the hair just yet, let me try it out for a few months first.
  • Suave Shampoo and Conditioner: For cleaning and conditioning. The shampoo forms some good lather and doesn’t dry out the hair, while the conditioner leaves it with a silky texture. I happened to try it out when I had run out of Enlive Conditioner and it was unavailable at the store. So I searched for an alternative and landed on this one which is way cheaper and the results much better.
  • Castor Oil: It works well with my scalp and hair when mixed with other oils. I normally mix it with some Macadamia Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s not greasy and it gives the hair some shine too.
  • Coconut Oil: I use it as a sealant (don’t know if that’s correct English). It works as a protector from the sunlight – sun screen for the hair – my friend once told me and I’ve never forgotten, never bothered to confirm if true or not,and I now live by it. I don’t use it generously, just a dash – because it tends to make my hair hard, plus the coconut’y smell is not so appetizing most times.
  • Eco Styler: It’s a gel that I use for styling. There are so many types available, but I eventually fell for the yellow one. It doesn’t make your hair greasy like other gels would, and the style stays on. It also picks the curls on your hair strands and keeps its shine, ideal for my wash and go’s. It’s also easy to wash off afterwards.
  • Afro Comb: When conditioning, I use it to gently comb out the little hair balls that form at the tip of the hair strands. It was a very thoughtful gift when I chopped my hair – and especially that it’s metallic.

Natural Hair Journey, Products

I found this 10 curl Commandments rather interesting and quite useful especially for someone who’d be a bit clueless on this whole natural hair thing. It’s a fun stage to be in.

Naturally Curly, Natural Hair Journey


That’s just about the story of my current hair situation. What’s yours?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*