My Favorite Mistake – Thou Shall not Judge

Thou Shall not Judge … lol

If my mum read this she would get a heart attack…lol

I think this is one of those questions my literature teacher in high school would say is a paradox question. How can a mistake be a favorite one, it’s meant to be the worst…but I get the point…hope you do.

So my favorite mistake, would be breaking my virginity…yes! Until today I still wonder what happened to “I’ll be a virgin till marriage”…haha #no judging I don’t regret it, and of course I don’t think I would’ve waited I think I would be missing out on too much #justkidding maybe not. Because I wouldn’t even have thought about it.

I miss that me, who sex never even crossed my mind, it was like an abomination to have it before marriage, am talking about me, say 1year ago. Right now if you ask me…my views on sex have taken a 360 degree turn, I wouldn’t advice anyone to wait till marriage. What if the guy you marry is so bad in bed? and you waited for all those years. That’s my view now. I would rather be knowing that from before I make that huge decision. I love sex *who doesn’t* and if am to do it with one person the rest of my life it best be good #LoudThought

Again don’t judge me here, I don’t support being promiscuous and sleeping around. I mean there all this diseases in this day and age, you should look at a man and see AIDS unless proven otherwise. I am for practice safe sex … Amen! and preferably with one person *my thought*.

Hahaha *Literally Laughing* I can’t believe I just wrote the above, but it just shows I’m a normal girl, and I’m still a Christian *cheeky smile*…and that’s my favorite mistake. And in case anyone judges me, I will blame for asking me that question.