My Purple Pinky Swag *Kenya Decides*

My Purple Pinky Swag

So yesterday (4th August 2010) was the day Kenya Decides whether they want to continue being governed by the old constitution (NO) or be governed by the new constitution (YES).

In the case of countries and autonomous regions of federal countries the term refers specifically to a constitution defining the fundamental political principles, and establishing the structure, procedures, powers and duties, of a government. (Reference: Wikipedia)

According to this site, the Kenya Constitution is the supreme law of Kenya. The current Constitution of Kenya was enacted on Independence Day, December 12th, 1963. Since then, the Constitution has been amended several times, with the most current and effective Kenya Constitution being revised in 2001 . In November 2005, in a nation-wide referendum, Kenyan voters rejected a government-backed, proposed new constitution.

With reference made to Wikipedia, The Proposed Constitution of Kenya was the final document resulting from the revision of the Harmonized draft constitution of Kenya written by the Committee of Experts initially released to the public on November 17, 2009 so that the public could debate the document and then parliament can decide whether to subject it to a referendum in June 2010. The public was given 30 days to scrutinize the draft and forward proposal and amendments to their respective Members of Parliament, after which a revised draft was presented to the Parliamentary Committee on January 8, 2010.

The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) revised the draft and returned the draft to the Committee of Experts who published a Proposed Constitution on February 23, 2010 that was presented to Parliament for final amendments if necessary. After failing to incorporate over 150 amendments to the proposed constitution, parliament unanimously approved the proposed constitution on April 1, 2010. The proposed constitution was presented to the AG of Kenya on April 7, 2010, officially published on May 6, 2010, and was subjected to a referendum on August 4, 2010.


First I must say, congratulations to the IIEC (Interim Independent Electoral Commission) for a job well done(free and fair election), I mean their organization caught me by surprise.  I have never voted before *shame, shame* so my mental image of the polling stations was a disorganized area, with long queues and rowdy people, missing names, confused people, BUT it was almost perfect I must say. I voted from Kabete Primary School which is just like a meter or two from our main gate.

I went to vote with my mum, we ate a seriously heavy breakfast (tea, eggs, toasted bread) and dressed warmly because we were expecting to find a long queue. So as we walked in my mum jokes “There are no lines, I feel like going back to sleep and come back when there’s at least a queue…lol”. There were post signs showing surname names in alphabetical order, eg A-D with an arrow indicating the direction.

The place was sparkling clean, no liter. It was secure with the AP’s in place (they didn’t pull scary faces, they were actually friendly), and we were directed on where to go, after having a look at our ID based on our sir name. When I went into the ballot area, the officials there were polite enough to tell me what to do *Soo Clueless*, yeah and I finally got “My Purple Pinky Swag”.

I felt like I’m actually contributing towards the change of our country, I played a role in it. Now I’m hoping that the people in power will be polite enough to Implement all those principles that have are envisioned in the constitution, seeing as “Ideas without Action are worthless.”

#ReliefIsWhen you wake up in the morning and find that #TeamYES is leading. This were the results that were displayed on the t.v screen the better part of the morning from the Bomas of Kenya grounds, where the reults are being tallied (yeah, they are automated this time round #goodstart):

YES – 4,165,596 —– NO – 2,066,948….. from 17 constituencies confirmed YES leads at 74.74%

Currently:  New tally YES- 5.054,075 (67.9%) ——–  NO – 2.233,599 (30%). (Reference: Twitter)

Am so happy that Kenyans are mature and will take whatever results come. I mean we treasure Life more than any constitution. Right? at least I do.And Social websites have played a huge role in ensuring that people from every coner of the world is the know of what is happening *thumbs up Twitter*.

Life goes on as normal on the 5th August, business as usual. Though I woke up thinking our President Hon. Emilio Mwai Kibaki will be so excited and announce today and tomorrow to be a holiday. But Nothing, continue building the nation #thatsthewaytogo those are signs of good governance already.

Is it just me or today there was no traffic whatsoever, it took  me 30 mins from Kabete to Wilson Airport and I was using public transport #howsthat. I mean if everyday was like that … I wish. And our floor is the only one with people on the whole block.even the parking lot is not as busy i.e. countable cars.


“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.”

So can someone take up the “M-Kura” Idea and do something about it…I wish I was really good in coding and system development…lol *i’m serious* you can count me in.

To celebrate here is a plan:

See you all at WAMATHAI’S EXCLUSIVE, It’s a spoken word gig, was at the launch or the premier about a month ago and it’s something you would want to go for. Good poetry pieces and music as well as a social platform with very cool and interesting people’s – See you there 🙂


Location: VIP Secret Lounge (View Park Towers)

Date & Time: Today (5th August 2010)  at 7:00pm

Damage : Ksh 300 ONLY

Get Ticket : Interlink Cyber 3rd Floor World Business Centre (opp Odeon Cinema) or mpesa 0722352239

Have a splendid day my good people.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*