This is sort of like undressing myself…hehe But here goes some stuff about me that people don’t really know. I say much about me, but there those things i never see relevant to say but since I was tagged, I can follow the trend and share.

Oh this is like a sneak preview, when I was writing I realized there’s so much more, gosh! Let me stick to the 10 though.

1. Am not really a writer but I blog

I never thought I could write anything that makes sense to other people. In essence, never thought I could even blog. I was pathetic at writing essays and my English teachers never made it easy for me. My compositions in school used to circle around the same topic which was our house or the neighbors house being broken into.

2. I don’t like the taste of pumpkins and sweet potatoes

I find them disgustingly sweet. I still don’t get how people enjoy them wholesomely.

3. I hate pets

All of them. I can’t stand dogs, cats, snakes, parrots, rabbits, in other words animals just freak me out. They make me sneeze and some of them smell funny, others shed, others poo everywhere.

4. I don’t like know-it-all’s – which makes me love arguments

Especially the kind that shut you down because they think their opinion is much better than yours, or that they know better so you should do things their way or otherwise things won’t be done. That makes me boil inside. And so at that moment I might come off as very argumentative or combative, because I also want my point to be heard and to be considered. Especially if I know it makes sense. I work best with collaborative people.

5. I think I am secretly shy

But over time I have overcome it because I have to convince myself that the other person is probably feeling what I am feeling. So I feign a smile and a confident handshake and small talk, which eventually works. So when I am walking towards a crowd or going in front of people to speak, I keep reminding myself that they’re people just like me and that they will listen to me for a reason – so let me give them a good reason to.

6. I pick up habits from people I admire

I discovered that when I was in high school. I really admired one of my older cousins whom we lived with for a moment and how she did her stuff. The way she dressed, talked, wrote – she was just an overall amazing human being, she still is. And it so happened that subconsciously, I started behaving like her and doing things like she was. It’s one day that my mum called me out on something I was doing wrong and when she asked me where I learnt how to do that, I was like, “so and so.” and she’s like, you have to evaluate some things before you pick them up, it might look fancy but it’s not necessarily a good for you.

7. My smile is actually very genuine

I have tried to fake a smile or not smile at all, but sometime I just get my lips curving in the upward manner. Especially in photos, even when am crying and a photo is taken of me. Theres always an aspect of a smile, true.

8. If I love, I love. But I also hate insisting on people

I don’t love halfheartedly, and I don’t fear loving at all. My principle is I don’t hate people, I just dislike them. And they are very few I do probably because they are irritating or something like that. Catch me dead insisting on someone who ain’t interested in me, when I realize that I am the one making most of the effort, I pull out. I fear loss of those I love as well especially through death, because it’s now guaranteed that you will never see them again.

9. I am very bad at keeping in touch

Like I can just forget to call or SMS my friends. Sometimes even my relatives. I am trying to reform. At least this year I have called half of my friends to say happy new year and for those who’ve had their birthdays. That’s a try 🙂 Even meeting with people becomes a rumour sometimes but again I shall try to change that, because it’s a bad habit.

10. I can’t party continuously and I am emotional when drunk

I get bored of the party scene easily, unless its super interesting i would rather stay indoors and do something else. In December I broke a record of going out the whole last week before new year and I was like never again, I prefer my once a weekend or once a month even when I am energized and excited about it. Not as an everyday affair.

If I am happy, I laugh a lot, like laugh until tears roll and tummy aches; I am a ball of positive energy. Then if am sad, I can cry about literally anything, like I was crying because I needed tissue to blow my nose what the hell! Those are effects of alcohol on me…haha.

I don’t even know how to tag + I don’t know many bloggers, I read some peoples blogs but am sure they have no idea that I read them so errr this part is going to be a bit hard.






Signing Off — *Kawi*