Natural Hair Chit Chat: How Does Your Hair Make You Feel?

This past Friday, I bumped into two of my lovely silent readers at the same place, but at different times, and something in the air compelled them to share with me the fact that they faithfully read ‘Kawi Snippets’. I felt elated. I loosely say that I don’t usually need validation to keep me writing week in week out, but who am I lying to, who doesn’t? In as much as I do it for myself and for my own fulfillment, I also do it for you – you being that person out there who’s looking for someone to connect with, someone to relate to, someone to look up to, and most of all someone to share experiences with – some we laugh about and some we learn from.

To be honest, every time I meet someone (whether I know them or not) that reads ‘Kawi Snippets’ and they take the time to tell me some of the things that make them visit it over and over again, it gives me one more reason for my passion.

Let’s set that aside for now and let’s talk hair. Of late, I have come to realize that there are many of us natural sistas around. There’s nothing as exciting as going to a place and meeting babes with afros of all sizes, teeny weeny or big enough to channel their inner Diana Ross. It feels like you’ve met your tribe and with just one glance, you feel like you already have so much in common. The hair struggle alone is enough to give us a united front. It makes a great conversation starter too. I mean with questions like, “What’s your hair type? Can I feel your hair texture? How do you get those defined curls? What products do you use? How did you achieve that look? What’s the best protective style? What can I do to make my hair grow?”

From the moment you decide to rock your hair in its natural state, it’s a challenge you’ve taken up and commitment you’ve made to yourself, because you really have to take care of it. It’s an endless journey of learning (and sometimes unlearning and relearning) what works for it, what doesn’t and when. It feeds off what you feed it. So if you give it some real good TLC, it reciprocates with a healthy mane.  And with that, a major thing I have come to learn is that you have to love your hair for it to love you back and for others love it too. At least that’s the experience I have had with mine.

KawiSnippets, Natural Hair

You (and others around you) feed off the energy you release. So if you show a lackluster attitude towards you hair and every time someone compliments you say how much you don’t think it looks good, that it has a bad texture, or that you just don’t feel nice wearing it like that, then in as much as others think it looks good on you and keep convincing them otherwise, they start seeing it that way. And it becomes an even greater struggle for you as you try to figure out what to do with it.

On the contrary, there’s something about wearing your hair with confidence that makes it feel like it fits just right on your head. It inspires you to do amazing things to your hair; you invest in it – your time, your money and your effort. You do your research on how to take care of it; you get yourself some quality products that you hair responds to positively – from the curl definition, the porosity, the density, the length and even the shine; you get creative with the hair styles; you defend your hair because you believe you rock it well and it looks good on you.

KawiSnippets, Natural Hair
My products for the season: A lot of Cantu, Creme of Nature, Marini Naturals and Coconut/Olive oil (not in the picture).

I know it kind of sounds lame, because hair is just that, hair. But if you let it, your hair speaks loads to your character and I believe that it brings out the best of it. That’s what I love the most about natural hair actually, that you can play around with it and it gives you character.

My hair makes me feel outgoing, uninhibited, happy-go-lucky, creative and hands on.

So how does your hair make you feel today? It’s your territory. Own it, defend it and love it. Try it out this coming new month and let me know how it feels. Is it too early to wish you a happy New Month?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*