Natural Hair Chit Chat: How I Like My Hair.

I like my hair just like I do my ice cream, vanilla. It’s very typical of me and I couldn’t wait to drop that line someday. I am the kind of person that will rock one style just because I rocked it once and it worked for me, which (un)fortunately also makes me so predictable most of the time. And I will do it over and over again until a new one comes along that I think I will,

                  a) like,

                  b) feel and be comfortable in,

                  c) look good on me, or

                  d) make me look good.

That’s part of my choosing criteria, in that order. I will struggle to convince myself to try it out, and when I eventually do and it happens to bring out the feelings aforementioned, I add it to my list of favorites. And then wear it out until the universe calls me out. That also happens to be the story around my choice of foods, beverages, clothes, shoes, restaurants and other earthly things. Thankfully, it works differently for people and on the contrary I totally enjoy meeting and interacting with new people, sharing ideas and getting to know a little more about them.

Now about this cornrow style, which I just noticed is what I have worn for the last many months from my throw back photos. And the universe is probably screaming out to me now that it’s about time I changed it up. When you’re wearing out your hair in its natural state it gets really boring, at least mine does. And seeing as I’m the vanilla person, I know that sounds a bit off.

cornrows, natural hair

It has gotten to a length I was oh-so-dreamy about at the beginning of my journey, but now I just can’t possibly do a wash-n-go. I have to think of ways to tackle the shrinkage or else have it constantly looking like my hair never grows, yet I’ve been working tirelessly to grow it. In most cases the simpler way (and not recommended) is blow drying it, while the other option which is more tedious but rewarding, is braiding your wet hair in knots or twists or lines. And once it dries, it stretches and is ready for styling. The outcome is so defined and displays a healthy mane.

On the flip side, it also means that every night, I need to repeat the same process of braiding it to obtain similar results the following day. You can’t just wake up in the morning and hold back your hair in a bun (because it has not gotten there yet, hair goals). And that’s the boring part – sometimes you just want to get home, laze around and focus on other stuff without thinking about your hair. You also want to wake up and do your morning rituals without dealing with the process of puffing out or unbraiding and styling your hair. The struggle of the curly kinks I tell you.

But the solution to this has been these particular cornrows. The style just works perfectly for my forehead and face shape. That’s my main reason and so we even have an understanding with my hair dresser where I just tell her, ‘kama kawaida’ meaning ‘like the usual’. I’m currently exploring some other styles because I can’t have my photo gallery looking the same all year round – Hello, crochet braids!

This weirdness also translates into my personality. I am generally a simple person, I believe. And I mean as simple as simple gets, to an extent where I delay or even struggle to make a decision sometimes, because I don’t want to come off as so predictable. Only that it so happens that that’s who I am and I have to deal with it. I sometimes think a little complexity would make me a little cooler and outwardly more fascinating. Change or new stuff makes me edgy because I don’t know what the result of it will be, but once I get the hang of it and I like it, I’m more often than not sold. And it will become my new usual.

For instance, when I’m at a restaurant I frequent and I’m looking at the menu and revising it like I have never seen it before, but deep inside, I am contemplating whether I should go with my usual pick (chicken with mashed potatoes or chicken with rice, or chicken with chips, accompanied by a vanilla shake) or just try out a different meal that I haven’t eaten before, you know be adventurous and surprise the people who know me and all. But I eventually end up picking my usual, because I know the comfort I experience when I eat it and that my palate can’t go wrong with it. But I still want to show that I took time to select it. It’s actually quite hilarious now that I think of it, my husband must really enjoy making “wild” guesses of what I’ll order, not. But hey!

Here’s an exercise for you Snippers. Think of that one thing that’s so peculiar about you that you feel eventually translates into your personality. Seen it, huh? Please do share your weirdness and let’s celebrate it.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*