Nonconforming and All

Thank God It’s Friday! It always feels good on Fridays, regardless! Today I don’t feel like conforming. I’m just feeling like a free spirit, if you know what I mean, hence the name. Just to live by it, let’s do things a bit differently. A little sneak peek into my week and what has been going through my head.

  • Your heart does not only pump blood, it also apparently pumps feelings. So when someone asks you, “Now you’ve caught feelings?” don’t be ashamed to say yes, it’s a function of your heart…lol. If your heart is at ease, then all’s well with you and the world. If it’s not, you’ll be frustrated by just about anything and everything.
  • Going to church gives me a sense of relief and goodness. It just feels nice, even though I don’t always reach there on time, meeh! Just hearing a little about the word of God and praying in those grounds is fulfilling.
  • A bit of getting used to and you get your way around it, whatever it is. Complaining is good (am good at it, but I get over it), it makes you vent out the frustrations and so on . Your body is like a pressure cooker, it gets heated up and if you don’t provide a nozzle for some pressure to be let out and you let it all stay in…you could blow up in a not so nice way.
  • Relationships take effort, commitment, trust and lots, lots of love and care. It’s a like having your car on the road, you drive it based on the type road you’re in. You cruise when on the highway because it’s all smooth, you can even sing along, laugh to tears and rib aches. But that doesn’t mean when you make a turn and end up in a rough road you leave the car and find an alternative means. You drive slowly, making sure your car doesn’t get damaged, avoiding pot holes, protruding stones until you get back to a good road. All the while still taking care of your car.
  • Dudes and babes have completely different minds. How they think, process things, different.  So share your thoughts at some point, make ‘whoever’ understand your point of view. Otherwise everything won’t make sense or you’ll develop an unnecessary problems.
  • I am a corn flakes girl. Not weetabix as I had earlier thought. No wonder I was never so enthusiastic with cereals and I had weetabix stashed on my shelf always. Until I got me ‘Kellogs corn flakes’…haha did that just sound like and ad. They should pay me.
  • Listening to radio is nice, but the only problem is that I can’t forward a song I don’t like or I have to go through some hideous ads. While I could be listening to some nice song. However, I’m a huge fan of Cess on the Jam (Capital Fm). She’s a rib cracker, whatever she smokes before the show…lol. I like!
  • That moment when you’re with your family or friends and you’re talking, laughing and doing happy things. Ever notice it affects the balance of the world joke, everything seems okay, even when it’s storming out there.
  • Why is it that time flies, when you are having the best time and slows down when you’re at logger heads with people, things? I have always wondered. If only time could talk.
  • Why is it that birthday cakes taste so yummy? Invite me for your birthday shindig and be sure that I’ll eat the cake, lots of cake.
  • I don’t feel like doing the ordinary, is it me or there are too many events scheduled for this weekend? Well, as of now, am not feeling any of those public events. Maybe we should also organize an “event” for ourselves *wink*

In other very related news, today ROCKS! You woke up, you’re busy doing your thing, you’re healthy, you’ve got love from here and there, you have every reason to say a thank you! Share the happiness with those around you. Sooooo, to an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*