Not So Normal.

LOL, I know, I saw this and I’m like, yeeeaaah it has just described what I wanted to say in a short sentence.

Well speaking of normal, who sets the tabs for what is actually normal and what is not? Who draws up the limits. I would like to meet them and ask them to extend them abit…hehe

Def. Normal : being approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. intelligence and development.

I bet I’m not the only one who goes through this, now that I realized that most of us have similar experience only in different environments and circumstances.

There are those times you do stuff i.e be you and you either rend up looking dumb, lazy, weird or stuck up, but that’s just you.

A few of things I do and I’m like okay, I hope this ain’t so tipping on the *not so normal* side:

Munch on left over food with my hands or dig in into someone else’s food. I swear they taste the best. Like Cold chicken (which can be chewed to the bone) or fries or even rice in the morning..YUMM!

Punch the snooze button like 20 times before finally waking up, only because I have been woken up since I ended up pressing stop instead of snooze and now I’m extremely late. I end up not even eating breakfast *sigh*

Saying sorry and thank you..even when there is no so much need to (I blame my folks, with “Say Sorry”… What do you say to Auntie “Thank You”) now I say Thank You…when someone does for me a service, or say I’m sorry when someone steps on me.

Black-out while texting or trying to converse when I’m sleepy. (Please tell me, there’s someone else like me, well atleast the person on the pic proves that there is *phew*)

Making faces or a conversation with myself on the mirror…the second person is my alter ego..who can either take the position of a boss or just someone I feel like disturbing…lol



Thinking while I sleep…okay I don’t know how I even convince myself that I’m thinking, but I actually do. And I wake up remembering basically nothing I was thinking of. I can remember pages, definitions and so on in my sleep…at that point I’m a genius.

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Anyway those are just a few thing…and I mean few because they are about 5 only…therse’s a long list of things I do and I’m like..uuuuuummmm!! Sometimes I even try to change them to look like normal things…but you know what that’s just me. Although that snoozing me, needs to STOP. I need to synchronize my body and tell it, that when the alarm rings it means “WAKE UP”…the rest are not that abnormally normal…lol

CHEERS MATES and QUOTE OF THE DAY by my favorite:

“I want to grow old without face-lifts. I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

*Thanks for managing to read to read till here…haha

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*