On the Prowl

Well was just chit chatting with my workmates and one of them goes like:

So if you were to go back through your career and school life what would you change? Like what is it that you would want to do different career-wise, or do you like what you are doing right now?

Shiish! that’s a difficult question I must say. Seeing as we all go to school so that  we can have career that will enable us to live a comfortable life as well as contribute to the economic development of the country in an effective way well am being positive here lol

Anyhow this took me down memory lane, from when I was say 5yrs old to 13yrs that’s practically Primary school, when your parents ask you “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Our answers always started like that, “When I grow up I want to be like ……” and we knew exactly what we wanted and you would confidently say it. I mean no hesitation, it was for direct answers. And for that reason I admire kids. I mean if to be a doctor requires me to be good in maths and science, I would do whatever it takes to get a 90% or an A in those subjects, we used to compete, cry because we have failed i.e gotten a B in a subject. I mean if you fail, it’s like someone has crushed your dream.

When you say I want to be like daddy, it’s because you admire them, what they do and see that they are successful in their endeavours – I mean he is able to buy for you your best bike, the best clothes, feed you – as a result you want to be that what he is.

I mean at that age, our career decisions are influenced by those grown-ups around us like teachers, especially teachers or your parents friends, or people you see on T.V. Like I wanted to be a doctor (because of my mum) I would play doctor – patient with my dolls like the way I used to see when I visit moms work place, I also wanted to be an air hostess clearly seen from my posses on photos. I used to think they are the most beautiful models, until I saw air hostesses for British airways, my hopes were shuttered, they were old and not very appealing. #nopunintended

There is the stage for when I was 14yrs to 17yrs this was my high school phase. It’s at this point, where your teachers and parents are the dictators of what you should do, your career direction. Because I remember when I was in form 2, I had to drop some subjects and retain some and the people who contributed here, were mainly my teachers. They tell you what you are good in and what you are poor in based on your performance.

Given a chance to go back to high school, I would drop Physics and pick Social Ethics, that would’ve been a straight A #justsaying

Anyway then comes form 4 where you have to choose what it is you want to do? Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Bcom — I mean something! They should’ve said it’s your parents choice at that point, because basically they are the ones who are called to come help (tell you) what to fill in those forms.

Then reality checks in, when you are done. And this is where most people get confused, yeah you applied to get into the University but sometimes they give you weird degrees like Wood Science, Anatomy …. hehe It’s when you are left in a situation where you are torn in between everything.

Personally, I was unaware of what I want. I was even thinking Bio Chemistry because I loved Biology and Chemistry Thank God for not letting me go there that would’ve been disastrous. Anyway, I went for what was available and was thought of being a good school.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you want, and you need the brilliant people around you to push you a bit, sort of shake you up to help you figure what it is that you want.

And that was my dad, he saw an advert for Strathmore University having intakes for Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) and he says “go do the interview and study as you figure what you want to do”.

That was the shaking I needed to figure out what I wanted in life, because I was so clueless or rather confused. That to me was the most critical time of my life, you can either make your life or break it. And when I finished that I went into Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT), and right now as much as my parents could be a pain sometimes, I thank them for pushing me into it, sometimes as much as we complain, that’s their role, to make sure we get the best education and direct us in paths they think would be suitable for us especially when we are young, fragile and vulnerable.

Anyway, campus life was so much fun , exhausting and stressful — all those cats, projects, assignments, life issues, friends and trying to mix them up in a balanced way.

I would say Campus was like preparing a meal, i mean you had to mix the ingredients well to be able to come up with something tasty and edible (not in that sense though) at the end of it, that is a good education, good personality, good reputation, good record, good friends and so on.

Then comes the time you finish campus and now you have to look for a place to build up your career, where you are going to at least use the knowledge gained throughout your 8.4.4 , to be given roles and responsibilities, be PAID at the end of the month.

But there’s a cycle you go through. You need to Identify where it is you want to work, as a what (position), the requirements for the position, the salary you need to be paid. And so many other things, this are just but a few.

Personally, I figured I want to do project management and system analysis and design but before realizing that I went through a series of other things such as Networking, Programming #notforme but that’s not all there is to it, i mean you need to up your skill, read more, do more projects or better yet start your own thing.

Makes you have the feeling of not wanting to grow up, life is hard especially career-wise, to get that job that you really want,that makes you grow, that pays you well. Makes me want to be 5 years once again.

Or maybe not, since that would mean I would have to grow up all over again and go through 8.4.4. wololo that would be a nightmare!

So nowadays we have been reduced to just having a job that can help pay your bills that’s all. I mean, you don’t do what it is you were employed to do. Or that which you studied and went through sleepless nights to pass exams and get more knowledge. Or worse yet, you do what you would want to do but you don’t develop yourself intellectually because everything is so routine.

You know what I mean, I would want a job where I am given responsibilities and left accountable, where my brain is challenged, where I’m stressed not because I’ve come to work late but because I haven’t met my deadlines, where I’m leaving the office late not because I was tweeting or blogging but because I’m trying to work things out, where I get rewarded for the hard work I put in. In general , I want to develop and mature career wise and feel it, since at the moment I don’t.

As a result am still on the prowl, that’s what I want, it’s what I wish for and pray for thinking of which why do we just remember to pray when we have problems…gosh! Sorry God 🙂

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves”~ Thomas Edison

So out of curiosity, are there guys who have such discussions …. lol that’s just lack of ambition. Found it hilarious. If I foud my kids in future talking like this, I for sure would force him/her to become a doctor /engineer, the full dictation.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.”

“You can either create or allow everything that happens to you.”

Signing Off — *Kawi*