Once in a Blue Moon

You know one of those things you usually say but have never really figured out if it’s actually in existence or not. That’s “once in a blue moon” for me. In my very broad and far-fetched imagination, I’ve always thought there’s a blue moon…hehe don’t judge. I  have never seen it, I know it’s usually kinda yellow or orange or hell yeah that colour, but I believed there’s a blue moon until now when I’ve just watched, “Smurfs”. Again, thou shalt not judge or think less of me, it’s a genuine belief *self-disclaiming much*

I usually have a list of my favourite movies of the year immediately after I watch them and today, “Smurfs” makes it to the list, right after “Friends with Benefits” and “A Little Bit of Heaven”. I guess by now you’ve figured my kind of movies.I’m a chic flick’ish kind of babe, so if a movie touches my heart and I can re-watch it … it goes up my priority list just like that…it’s all about the story line and how it’s executed.

It got me thinking, what if we used to name each other after our personalities or after we have exhibited certain traits … that’s so awkward, as in they have names like Hefty, Joggy, Greedy, Harmony, Baker, Complementary, Passive Aggressive, Clumsy. So if you’re called Clumsy, they all know you’re clumsy and they excuse you for your misdeeds … then Blondy just crossed my mind…hehe. How cool would that be? It would make everything easier, kind of gives you heads up on what to expect from that person.

I like how they say in the beginning, “As happy and as perfect as life in the smart village is, even sunshine and butterflies must have their dark cloud” … at least the smurfs know what theirs is, Gargamel the evil wizard. If only us humans knew ours, it would be much easier because we would know what exactly we are trying to escape. The smurfs are some tiny blue mythical creatures and as I watched I missed being a kid once again, I loved watching “Smurfs” the cartoon, they were so exciting and singy for lack of a better word.

After watching the movie, this is  what I got it in the end is that. You know those good things (once in a life time good things) that happen to us are like our tini-tiny smurfs. They just come out of nowhere and land in our lifes, they could have chosen other people, but somehow, they choose you. Sometimes, if not most of the time, we fail to see the big picture when those smurfs come into our life’s … we miss them because we are worried or afraid of things that maybe make sense at that time but can’t be left to work out  for themselves because they weren’t meant to be  barrier to our moment.

Our “once in a blue moon” is that moment and somehow there’s always someone to help us put things in perspective when we feel lost and we aren’t realizing our blue moon. I hope you don’t let yours pass by or brush off someone who’s trying to bring you into the earlier mentioned perspective.

Plus I just got some new smurfy vocabularies. Like “I am smurfully sorry” or “you look  Smurfulicious” … it just sounds smurfully genuine…lol. And a Smurful day to you *wink*

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*