One…Two…Three Things

One thing that I love is being a part of something beautiful. Well, I won’t say we grew up together but we definitely met when we were growing up. You know that crucial stage when you have just checked in to your teens and  you’re discovering yourself and what kind of person you are? You can picture that, we were made room mates in high school. We would argue with her about anything and everything, even about a shoe lace. Just kidding, but she kept me on toes. I am defensive, she’s more defensive. Crazy pair, always being matched up, but somehow with all these self brought dramas we hacked through high school. We would later meet up and catch up about life things, where we are, what we want and where we want to be, great friends. Fun times, out we go, dance and karaoke, okay once when she sings everyone shuts, or keeps off the stage true story because she makes you look bad *sound extremely croaky*.

She has the voice that I could never match up to because *whispers* singing is not my thing. I can’t even remember the lyrics to songs, let alone the tunes, but at least I have good taste in music. Then she sang at her wedding and balancing tears. Pin drop silence, everyone in awe, others picking their jaws from the ground. I was pretty sure if I was the groom I would be asking for the second box of Kleenex as she sang ‘Run Away – The Corrs’. The song has never sounded better than that, the lyrics finally made so much sense. Sounds like I’m exaggerating but it was breath-taking. I regret not taking a video of it though the picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it?

Blaice Wedding

The cake was delish. Some fresh, spongy, fruity black forest that was placed on each table, so there was A LOT to go around. I was one of those people who hogged on so much cake, “hey, my mate is getting married” eats away the cake in her honour it was that kind, so no guilt felt. The brides maids, she searched far and wide and landed on some 5 hotties. Some of who are now my new set of friends, were such a bubble of excitement waiting to burst out. I can say it actually did burst out, too much sunshine, smiles, dancing … happiness. From the make up, the attire, impeccable! It just made you feel pretty. Like a flower, which get’s me to my other discovery, that I don’t hate flowers. I hate the bulkiness that comes with some bouquets of flowers and the attention it seeks for people. Everyone wants to find out who sent it, what’s the occasion, how you feel. Talk about change of heart, if they came in a small package like the one we brides maids carried, I figured, that’s beautiful. I definitely wouldn’t mind me a bunch. Any time!

Then after the wedding, the next question was, will I sing for my hubby during my big day? Hell-to-the-no! I could croak away, or maybe the right word is, “I would croak away” the thought of it gave me the shivers. However, I might just write a post and read it out, it has to be an  interesting one though so that you don’t sleep. So don’t expect that I will ever sing in front of a crowd, that I left for Blaice, to each their own.

I love it that many of my friends are meeting their soul mates and getting into the marriage phase. Starting families in our youth and striving to be our best, to be home makers and care takers of our own. It just goes to show that we’re all grown and matured now. That we can take care of other people besides ourselves. Whatever pace you decide to take though don’t feel pressured, just let your life take its course. Single, dating, married, out of marriage, doesn’t matter really, just be the woman after Gods own heart. Don’t feel any less because of the stage of life you’re now in. Where you’re meant to be and who you’re meant to be with are all part of Gods plan, play your part and let him do the rest. That means you have to be in constant communication with him to be able to figure these stuff out, it’s harder than rocket science when you do it on your own. That’s my take.  As for my newly wed friends (Blaice and Nick), I wish you nothing less of a blessed marriage. One full of learning, loving and lots of laughter.

Proverbs 31
The Proverbs 31 Woman in a nut shell.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*