Promulgating SHIT *Exclusive*

Haha! What were you thinking???

So Happy It's Thriday

It’s not every day that you’ll find yours truly being So Happy that It’s a Thursday not unless it’s my birthday or the following day is a HOLIDAY…so generally we shall just call this day Thriday (I’m doing TGIF on a Thursday..which is the SHIT – Hence the Thriday gives a feel of both days) >> If what I’ve just written makes sense, that’s good…lol

So clearly my birthday passed, so, the only next best option is: Tomorrow is a holiday (only in Kenya).

Sneak Preview of what our holiday is about

Reference :

After the official announcement by the Presidential Press Service that the Proposed Constitution of Kenya, shall be promulgated by the President on Friday, 27th August 2010, there are legal, political and technical matters that are worth commenting on.  First, what actually that ‘ceremony’ (the promulgation) will signify from legal and political points of view. And second, from a technical standpoint, whether that ‘ceremony’ is the one that brings the New Constitution, (read, the Constitution of Kenya, 2010) into operation.

By definition, promulgation is the act of formally announcing or declaring a new statutory or administrative law as having effect.

In Summary

Friday 27th August, 2010  is a declared Holiday #Thatsall and as a result we can all promulgate how happy we are that it’s actually Thursday, Thriday…your choice 🙂

I’m feeling

Anxious’ish although I’m trying to get myself out of that feeling. Ok reason, I went for an interview the other day and I’m waiting for the response because the job description is in the path of everything I want to do…YUCK, {it’s so bad when you want something really bad, and you don’t know if that thing wants you as bad as you want it (interviewer – interviewee) }, in short YUCK!

PS: I’m venting…now i feel less anxious…lol

I’m excited

That the weekend starts tomorrow, as in from the time I woke up I was actually Thanking God It’s Thursday…as I dragged myself out of bed. It wasn’t that bad a day after all 🙂

And I have a collection of my most favorite classic movies, the full : Brown Sugar, Love Actually, Out of Africa, Best Man, Love and BasketBall et al ~~ I’m on them I start reading for exams #storyofmylife and hangout with my favorite peoples on the weekend

I’m craving

Eeeerrr, for once I’m not having a crave really. I know, I’m also suprised….but maybe it’s because I’ve eaten a heavy breakfast – Hot chocolate and cheese sandwiches.

But when the craving strikes, I’m thinking it’s going to be in the lines of:

Yikes! I’m already hungry.

Theme song of the week

Well I don’t have one in particular this week round. But I’ve been in a mood of all the silly songs if you know what I mean, not literally silly. Part of my play list:

3OH!3 – My First Kiss, Starstruckk, Blah Blah Blah, Don’t Trust me

Iyaz – Replay,

WINNER SONG — {I’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine, I’m loving cloud nine, my head’s in the sky} that goes to*drum rolls* ~~~ Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo

I wish and pray

That we could all stop worrying about things we shouldn’t be worried about. Like in my case I should just stop being anxious, if the job is mine, it’s mine, if it’s not then onto the next, apply for others am sure there are many other similar opportunities at least I still have a job #youknowwhatimsaying .

Life always moves on, don’t let it go ahead of you. I mean in everything, it could be friendships, relationships, work, school — We shouldn’t worry about them, if you are meant  to be in whatever it is that you are in, it will work out, if it doesn’t work out, move on because life or time waits for no man.


So can I say “Have a PROMULGATING  Weekend”…whatever it is you decide to promulgate, do it wisely…lol *I also don’t know what I just said*.  I just thought I should misuse the verb “promulgate” thanks to @Violetotina

Signing ~~~ *Kawi*