Questions In My Head

“What if…?” a ridiculously rhetorical question I must say. Because in my opinion, it doesn’t have a valid answer. Unless of course you try out the thing in question then find out the actual outcome.

I can’t even deny this, I’m one hell-of-a culprit for asking this rhetorical question. And you wouldn’t believe, but this question comes mostly when you have great and amazing things laid on your table and it just looks unbelievable, like “How can this be happening to me, it’s too good to be true“. You ask it to question the occurrence in your life because you feel like you don’t deserve something that good. Or even if you deserve something that good, you don’t believe that it could actually happen to you. Don’t you go something like, “What’s the catch?

We see the world full of bad people, it’s the picture that’s been painted by us and the one we display every other day. It’s what we always expect any time someone utters anything to you or better yet does something for you. Such that when you meet people who are genuine, open, honest, caring and what not it’s really difficult for you to see that. You’re probably thinking, there’s got to be more to it than this.

We are used to people who are shifty, liars, betrayers, con people, envious people,*add other bad people traits*. Well those are just a few in your life, it doesn’t mean everyone is like that. It could even be one, two or three people who you’ve met that exude such character. The next thing we do as humans, is generalize. This completely taints how we see the others who come into our life’s under different capacities. “What if…” comes by when someone is good to us, but the first thing that crosses your mind is doubt and suspicion. Because with this person, you’re venturing into the unknown, after all you can only know someone too well, even a place. Sometimes you just have to experience it yourself so that you can know what the person or place is about. You put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to fail or be heart-broken because that’s what brings the “what if…”. Fear is the beginning of all the what if’s. No one wants anything to go wrong, but how else will you know it’s the right thing if you don’t try.

Believe in yourself , believe in them, believe in the place. That’s the only way to counter the “what if…” questions in your head.

So if something good comes your way, it’s good to look at it critically but don’t let “what if…” be the ones to guide your decisions, you could try your guts if you really want something to question. Because that’s what could deter you from achieving what it is that you set out to achieve in the first place. So just believe, turn that fear into something more positive and tangible like curiosity. You’ll come to realize how lucky you are and be content without too many questions in your head. I am 🙂

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*